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3394Re: Rép. : [anthroposophy] Doctrine of Signatures

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  • Lil Ole Miss
    Feb 28, 2002
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      Hi, Danny, Dr. Starman,

      Yes, the pineal gland, called The Master Gland in some disciplines,
      is shaped similar to the mango fruit, but also similar to a pear, a
      fruit which is mentioned often in various mythologies. Interesting
      concept indeed.


      danifyou@... wrote:
      > Sorry..
      > When I spoke of the shape of the pineal gland, it had to do with the Mango Fruit..
      > Not the Tree...
      > Telepathically yours,
      > Danny
      > :)
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      > I have a small 2 cents of connections here concerning figs...
      > The Doctrine of Signatures tells us something. The shape of that fruit is
      > like a testicule, the genitals as a Scorpio thing... the old....
      > To add details... :
      > Old,Scorpio / New,Eagle...
      > Figs when they come out in spring also have the color of human flesh.
      > >--
      > Interesting Dr. Starman, Thank You!
      > You make me recall how unusual is the fig...
      > First this is not a fruit, but MANY, that which we call fig is an envelop for several fruits,
      > as much as there are 'seeds' inside if I recall well. And the pollination proceed unusual too, the thin and small fig 'wasp' has to enter by the hole of the flower thing, and the fruit as a matter of fact still has a hole also under it. So, many 'seeds' and these kept in a thick transparent fluid....
      > In the Buddha connection... was there not
      > a snake as well that came shelter/protect
      > the Buddha while he was sitting meditating under the Banyan Fig Tree?
      > Banyan belong to the 'Mulberry' family btw...
      > Once my imagination told me that Old Saturn
      > looked like a raspberry, but then a friend told me that the Dr. , him, spoke of the mulberry.. We don't have these here really.... ;)
      > So the fig as a Moon(astral) and Saturn(physical) thing basically would we say. Has to do with the old Adam, biological man of the reproducing through sexual(astral) physical encounters. I think the story of the drying of the Fig Tree as to do with the Christ Gesturing the end of the old...
      > "Thou shall Sun Creative BE!"
      > "Thou shall be Etheric Living Man of the Quickening Spirit!"
      > I also recall think actually to
      > 'Mangifera indica'...
      > "indica" stand for "from India".
      > This is the Mango Tree.
      > I once heard that it has the shape of the
      > pineal gland...
      > Quite interesting is that Doctrine of Signatures... I think Paracelsus did introduced(or reintroduced...) it.
      > It does fit with the genesis/expelling of the plant kingdom out of Man that the Dr. Steiner
      > spoke about isn'it?