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  • lisastephzim
    Feb 2, 2002
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      > Ahem......uh...roomservice?....Yes....put a hold on that
      > bottle of Lafite Rothschild will you? And if you hear
      > reports of strange noises coming from this suite, kindly
      > ignore them.
      > BR

      Hahaha!! Uncle!! Uncle! Uncle!! Stop that...my side is starting to
      Sooooo many funnies today....
      While you were away messing with the boats..Sheila and I finished the
      lemonade with the lions....taught them a few tricks too...you should
      see the one with the colourful beads that Sheila put on! True Mardi
      Gras style... :)
      Next I am thinking of trekking up the doomed mountain....where is
      that freakshow with the spider milk?
      Thank you for the laughing cramps!
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