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  • lisastephzim
    Feb 2, 2002
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      Mardi Gras..church lady..spider goats...super bowl.michael...crunch!

      You know...i just LOVE this list! Such a colourful array of
      people...just love it!..well as long as it not my hiney getting
      spanked...but then again...sometimes that isn't soo bad...lol..
      Lemonade anyone? ;)

      --- In anthroposophy@y..., "Lil Ole Miss" <lilolemiss@m...> wrote:
      > Lil Ol Miss Oatmeal sez:
      > > What's this? I wake up and crawl in here to get my usual
      morning "fix" of AP
      > > Br. Ron, I salute you, Dear Soul that you are, but you
      don't belong in this
      > > Al Qaeda nightmare.
      > What? I just got a box seat at the coliseum,. the lions are
      > pullin' at their collars and you want me to put down my popcorn
      > and leave? Why, I wouldn't miss this for the world.
      > (Fundamentalists do give Christ a bad name but they are great
      > for entertainment. Lemme see..Watch Michael or the Superbowl?
      > ....decisions, decisions, decisions.......)
      > .
      > Br. Ron
      > Well, IF you DO insist on despoted sensual pleasures, let's take
      that popcorn and head to the Mardi Gras, which disgustingly enough
      has been SUSPENDED for the day by that Arena - er - Super Bowl rabble
      in MY home town, leaving MY relatives bereft! [sobb] The nerve! Never
      before in history has such indecency been allowed!
      > [ah, yes - maybe he's right - decisions - lions? Michael?
      SuperBowl? hmm - maybe a combination thereof locked up mish-mash in
      the hold of that boat steaming off to Shanghai...closed circuit TV,
      of course...crunch - crunch...]
      > Ms. Oatmeal
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