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  • Lil Ole Miss
    Feb 2, 2002
          Lil Ol Miss Oatmeal sez:
          > What's this? I wake up and crawl in here to get my usual morning "fix" of AP 
          > Br. Ron, I salute you, Dear Soul that you are, but you don't belong in this
          > Al Qaeda nightmare.

      What? I just got a box seat at the coliseum,. the lions are
      pullin' at their collars and you want me to put down my popcorn
      and leave? Why, I wouldn't miss this for the world.
      (Fundamentalists do give Christ a bad name but they are great
      for entertainment.  Lemme see..Watch Michael or the Superbowl?
      ....decisions, decisions, decisions.......)
      Br. Ron
      Well, IF you DO insist on despoted sensual pleasures, let's take that popcorn and head to the Mardi Gras, which disgustingly enough has been SUSPENDED for the day by that Arena - er - Super Bowl rabble in MY home town, leaving MY relatives bereft! [sobb] The nerve! Never before in history has such indecency been allowed!
      [ah, yes - maybe he's right - decisions - lions? Michael? SuperBowl? hmm - maybe a combination thereof locked up mish-mash in the hold of that boat steaming off to Shanghai...closed circuit TV, of course...crunch - crunch...]
      Ms. Oatmeal
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