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2527Re: [anthroposophy] TheFirst Class?

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  • Joel Wendt
    Jan 2, 2002
      elaineupton2001 wrote:
      > Why, in the 75(?) years since STeiner's death has no one developed
      > the work so that the other parts of the First Class can be completed,
      > and also progress made into the second and third classes? Or is this
      > being done?

      Dear Elaine,

      According to Robert Powell, one of the last things Tomberg did as an
      anthroposophist (before Von Zyleman's asked him to leave the Dutch
      society), was to finish the First Class lessons - the Michael School
      (they were not finished), and give the Second Class lessons - the Sophia
      School, and the Third Class lessons - the Christos School.

      What was done with this material by the small group that received it, I
      have never heard. Maybe Stephen Cosgrove has more information, you
      might try him.

      warm regards,
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