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2526TheFirst Class?

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  • elaineupton2001
    Jan 2, 2002
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      Dear friends,

      Recently, I read a very engaging article by Henry Barnes, revered old
      man, in the latest issue of the Newsletter of the Anthroposophic
      Society in America (it may also be in Das Goetheanum--I can't
      remember). The article was about "The First Class" of the School of
      Spiritual Science. Did any of you read the article? I thought it was
      helpful in understanding a bit of the origins of the School of
      Spiritual Science and the meaning of The First Class.

      To an outsider, the term "First Class" can sound foreboding or
      elitist, but it is not meant that way at all. What is interesting is
      that the term comes from Steiner's making a lesson (which was to be
      in three parts) for a first class, which was to be followed by a
      second class and third class, but never completed before his death.

      Why, in the 75(?) years since STeiner's death has no one developed
      the work so that the other parts of the First Class can be completed,
      and also progress made into the second and third classes? Or is this
      being done? Or is it not being done, and is this part of the
      paralysis in the Anthroposophic Society and its esoteric heart in the
      first class? These are questions, and not meant to be combative or
      offensive, but rather meant to ask if within the outer expression of
      anthroposophy there are still wounds and if these contribute to a
      paralysis. I know there was much controversy within the Society at
      the time of Steiner's death, and I wonder how this all figures in to
      the development (or lack thereof?) of the first and subsequent

      In any case, as one who feels called to represent the being of
      Anthropo-Sophia, I humbly ask these questions and would be grateful
      for the discussion of any concerned souls.

      Have a Blessed New Year!
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