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2487Yes- PoF/Philosophy of Spiritual activity/Re: tiny question

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  • elaineupton2001
    Dec 20, 2001
      Yes, Starman, good idea in what you say below about focussing
      intensely over 12 days on PoF.
      best wishes,

      --- In anthroposophy@y..., DRStarman2001@a... wrote:
      > << Someone (Starman or other?) suggested reading/studying PoF,
      Philosophy of
      > Freedom, or aka Philosophy of Spiritual Activity online. I write to
      say that
      > that is already being done, for quite some time by another online
      group... >>
      > *******Yes but we were talking about doing it as an intensive over
      the 12
      > Nights. The other group can go on doing whatever they're doing.
      > An intensive may do much more in an amazingly short time, as it
      > the will.
      > Starman
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