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  • DRStarman2001@aol.com
    Dec 18, 2001
      Now you see what I meant that the Philosophy of Spiritual Activity is a Path
      in itself.

      > --- In anthroposophy@y..., Lil Ole Miss <lilolemiss@m...> wrote:
      > > WOW! Now I can see how neglectful I was in not noting the page
      > number for this, nor the lecture the following penciled note in my POF is
      from: "...it
      > is yet true that such a book as my POF cannot be grasped by mere logic, it
      must be understood by the whole human being. And in point of fact you will
      not understand what is said in that book concerning Thinking, unless you know
      that in reality man experiences
      > Thought by means of the inner knowledge and feeling of his skeleton. A man
      does not really think with the brain, he thinks with his skeleton, when he
      thinks in charply defined thoughts. And when thought becomes concrete, as is
      the case in the POF, then it passes over into the whole human body."
      > >
      > Dear Sheila,
      > By some seredipity I was reading this actual lecture last night before bed.
      It is the first lecture in the small collection of lectures to the workmen
      at the Goetheanum titled (something like...) 'Learning to See in the
      Spiritual World' - I cannot
      > remember the year, but the dates were June 23 - July 18 (I can see the
      > words in my mind but just can't see the year..).
      > Debbie Barford

      ******I believe the title was "How Do We See Into The Spiritual World?"

      Debbie, how great!!!!!! "There are no coincidences..." [RS} I'm
      very grateful to you and I think I have those under a different
      title. [?] I wish the titles would remain static, but perhaps we'd
      become too complacent if that was continued. I can track this down
      via the month and day with some snooping around! Thanks - thanks -
      *******You can find large sections of it quoted, along with many other
      lectures, in the book "Rudolf Steiner on his Book The Philosophy of Freedom",
      collected and arranged in the 1980s by an author whose name I forget. I no
      longer have my copy but the Library has it.

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