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2471Re: [anthroposophy] Re: tiny question

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  • Lil Ole Miss
    Dec 18, 2001
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      dsbarford wrote:
      > --- In anthroposophy@y..., Lil Ole Miss <lilolemiss@m...> wrote:
      > > WOW! Now I can see how neglectful I was in not noting the page
      > number for this, nor the
      > > lecture the following penciled note in my POF is from: "...it
      > is
      > yet true that such a book as
      > > my POF cannot be grasped by mere logic, it must be understood
      > by
      > the whole human
      > > being. And in point of fact you will not understand what is
      > said in
      > that book concerning
      > > Thinking, unless you know that in reality man experiences
      > Thought
      > by means of the inner
      > > knowledge and feeling of his skeleton. A man does not really
      > think
      > with the brain, he thinks
      > > with his skeleton, when he thinks in charply defined thoughts.
      > And
      > when thought becomes
      > > concrete, as is the case in the POF, then it passes over into
      > the
      > whole human body."
      > >
      > Dear Sheila,
      > By some seredipity I was reading this actual lecture last night
      > before bed. It is the first lecture in the small collection of
      > lectures to the workmen at the Goetheanum titled (something
      > like...) 'Learning to See in the Spiritual World' - I cannot
      > remember
      > the year, but the dates were June 23 - July 18 (I can see the
      > words
      > in my mind but just can't see the year..).
      > Debbie Barford

      Debbie, how great!!!!!! "There are no coincidences..." [RS} I'm
      very grateful to you and I think I have those under a different
      title. [?] I wish the titles would remain static, but perhaps we'd
      become too complacent if that was continued. I can track this down
      via the month and day with some snooping around! Thanks - thanks -
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