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2457Health and Illness the causes of:

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  • jeff auen
    Dec 14, 2001
      This is rather subtle but ambiguous below. I think I know what is implied but others may not. Care to amplify. Beside being brief it can be seen as overly simplistic and yet another example of the  "knowledge deficiency of  AP" towards health and illness. If one smokes for 40 years and develops lung or throat cancer (like George Harrison) this is our doing not Ahriman's. If one is eats poisonous mushrooms and dies, its an environmentally caused illness. Nervous conditions can be easily provoked by drinking too much caffeine or sugar or being exposed to certain kinds of music which in turn impacts the etheric and astral bodies, of course, but its again caused by "outside" influences coming into us.
      ----- Jeff

      . All disorders in the physical body
      have their origin in the astral body and all disorders in the astral
      body have their origin in the physical body. Ahriman is the main cause
      of all organic illnesses and Lucifer, the cause of all nervous
      illnesses. This, and healing, is something that needs inclusion.
      Biodynamic medicine addresses some of it, but it doesn't go deep enough,
      in my opinion.


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