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2367Re: R: [anthroposophy] to Joel and others

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  • Bill
    Dec 6, 2001
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      Less beautiful than what? And what was he referring to as beauty?


      D F wrote:

      > I have about 500 tons of respect for so much of what
      > Rudolf Steiner accomplished and tried to accomplish in
      > establishing the foundations of a spiritual science.
      > And I've done enough research to feel confident that
      > he was an extremely honest man who never intentionally
      > mislead anyone.
      > I'm going to find the lecture cycle tonight of which I
      > am about to speak and I understand that the problem
      > could be in the translation, but I feel very confident
      > to correct Steiner when he referred to the negro face
      > as less beautiful. I read that paragraph over and
      > over, at first terribly disturbed and later I settled
      > down and realized that he was speaking of his
      > experience, which while still upsetting, wasn't
      > hateful or racist. I also would say that the next
      > time Steiner comes around he will speak very
      > differently about issues such as this- he'll be a
      > little bit smarter, if you can believe it. And he'll
      > probably be black himself.
      > S.A.
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