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2359Re: [anthroposophy] Re: to Joel and others

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  • D F
    Dec 6, 2001
      > ...namely, to all who appear to just want to
      > complain about 'the Society'
      > here instead of exchange useful information for
      > anthroposophic practice and
      > work, as our sister Waldorf list does with
      > information of use to parents. And
      > no, those remarks would not 'hurt' any initiate.
      > Neither is it imprecise nor
      > lazy, I don't think.
      > Starman

      I hope I am not seen as complaining because I don't
      feel let down by the Society or that my expectations
      have been tampered with. I only asked questions about
      the shadow because
      SO FAR I haven't met anthroposophists who seem to be
      engaged with it. It is the same way I interact with
      people who only seem to see the light in themselves-
      got to find out about what they are hiding...

      But I think I get your drift and I will be a bit more
      relective about how I phrase things if this list
      really is tired of dealing with what seems to be
      pointless criticisms...


      Thanks for the corrections Starman

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