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2357Re: [anthroposophy] Re: to Joel and others

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  • DRStarman2001@aol.com
    Dec 6, 2001
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      softabyss@... writes:
      << Was Starman talking to me when he said:
      > Try to assume there's students of Steiner in it as least as far along as
      you---maybe (heavens!) more.<<

      *******No, I wasn't.

      >>>I'll need to reread my last post, but I feel confident that I made it
      explicitly clear that I am not far along this path. Did I imply that I have
      accomplished anything? All I have are questions about quasi-observations,
      Starman. Would it hurt an initiate to say something like your last sentence?
      I assume so because A) it was motivated by the dark side (probably not, but)
      B) it was lazy and imprecise. >>

      *******If you'd looked at the paragraph before it, which you cut off in your
      reponse, you would have been clear who it was addressed to:

      >>******* Hey, all I can say to those who use this amazing communications
      medium to
      merely whine about the Anthroposophical Society is to quote Billy Graham:
      There's no perfect church, and if there was it'd become imperfect the minute
      YOU joined it.
      Try to assume there's students of Steiner in it as least as far along
      as you---
      maybe (heavens!) more.<<<

      ...namely, to all who appear to just want to complain about 'the Society'
      here instead of exchange useful information for anthroposophic practice and
      work, as our sister Waldorf list does with information of use to parents. And
      no, those remarks would not 'hurt' any initiate. Neither is it imprecise nor
      lazy, I don't think.

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