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2342Re: [anthroposophy] Re: to Joel and others

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    Dec 3, 2001
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      Joel, before I respond to your kind post, I need to

      Was Starman talking to me when he said:
      > Try to assume there's students of Steiner in it
      > as least as far along as
      > you---maybe (heavens!) more.

      I'll need to reread my last post, but I feel confident
      that I made it explicitly clear that I am not far
      along this path. Did I imply that I have accomplished
      anything? All I have are questions about
      quasi-observations, Starman. Would it hurt an
      initiate to say something like your last sentence? I
      assume so because A) it was motivated by the dark side
      (probably not, but) B) it was lazy and imprecise.

      Joel, I say I am 'new' to anthroposophy because I feel
      like three years of light skimming with somewhat
      serious attention on the philosophical works puts me
      in the beginning category. It's all relative, but
      compared to some of you guys, I feel confident in my
      newness. I don't know much about Steiner or the
      Society or Jesiaha Ben-Aharon.

      But, Joel, thanks very much for your response to my
      questions. I like the way you put it:

      "He was confronted with a very simple problem - giving
      hope and
      inspiration, or being a downer all the time."

      I bet that's very true. If he had taken the approach
      I was kind of pointing to in my post, it probably
      would not have made to much of a long term difference
      and he would have neglected many opportunities to
      'spread the wealth'.

      And your description of "Theory of Knowledge" is
      forcing me to open it once again tonight (not the 50th
      time, but perhaps the 7th). The following quote of
      yours might be on the back cover of the next edition:

      "Everything is so clear and at the same time
      so moral and so beautiful."

      And finally, Joel, thank you for sharing a few of your
      personal criticisms of Steiner and websites where I
      can read others. I'm obviously not looking for Steiner
      bashing, just healthy perspectives which demonstrate a
      bit of distance along with the intimacy.

      You mentioned how differently Steiner would have had
      to address Americans. That would be so interesting to
      observe! I think I've read that Steiner Acknowledged
      how he had to shift quite a bit for English people and
      I can only imagine how much of a shift he would have
      made for Americans. His Karma for avoiding us is
      probably that he has to become a citizen this time
      around. He's here isn't he.

      Finally, Joel, can I see your web address again,


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