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    Dec 3, 2001
      Hello Russell,

      >I work for an organisation similar to a "Camphill".

      Are workers paid salaries?

      >In relation to my work, I have wondered (and I'm not alone), how does one
      >maintain the essence of our organisation (or community), based on

      Do you mean it can drift away into a form that you're not happy with?

      Have you read Bernard Leivegoed's lectures on developing curative
      communities? He has done a lot of work on developing organisations. He
      founded the Netherlands Pedagogical Institiute to advise on organisation.
      I'm not sure what the NPI is doing these days, maybe a listmember can give
      us a report.

      Perhaps too, you could investigate the processes used by other communities,
      such as Camphill. (Also learn about all the problems they have.)

      Adam posted the Stuttgart Conference site:

      Interesting things happening there in developing the wider society.

      Warm Regards,
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