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  • Russell Carter, Titirangi, NZ
    Dec 2, 2001
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      Dear Elaine,

      My sincere apologies. Thank you for your message which I found helpful. My
      second message was directed to the list in general and was not in reference
      to your message specifically - I will in future adress my messages either to
      the list or to a person. I did not mean to appear rude or arrogant. Thank
      you for your response.

      Please let me (try to) explain:

      I work for an organisation similar to a "Camphill". We provide curative
      education and social therapy as best we can for people with special needs.
      In relation to my work, I have wondered (and I'm not alone), how does one
      maintain the essence of our organisation (or community), based on
      anthroposophy? There appears to be broad opinion as to what our values are
      (in a rights based and inclusive society) - whether one is, or is not, an

      I submitted my questions to the list with this in mind.

      Thank you Bruce, Starman and other listers who have also replied to my

      -- Russell Carter - Titirangi, New Zealand
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