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2322Russell Re:Anthroposophist

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  • elaineupton@hotmail.com
    Dec 1, 2001
      Hello Russell,

      Russell, you write, apparently in response to my post, though you do
      not address me or call any name Here's what you say (and see my reply

      > The right interpretation of "Anthroposophy" is not "the wisdom of
      the human
      > being"' but rather "the consciousness of one's humanity". -- Rudolf
      > "Awakening to Community" - Feb. 1923
      > Anthroposophy is a path of knowledge to guide the spiritual in the
      > being to the spirit in the universe.

      My reply:

      First of all, why do you ask a question if you think you already have
      the answer. You started this thread by asking what is anthroposophy
      (and about community)? Was that a set up for you to get others to
      talk and then come back and tell us (whoever, since your post here
      adresses no one ) what you think you know?

      Second, what you say (or quote of Steiner and quote from my post, as
      well, though that is not clear) seems to be not only possibly a
      translation issue, but also a mis-quoting and a quoting out of
      context, and a splitting of hairs. Let me be more specific.
      You write, "anthroposophy is not the wisdom of the human being..."
      Apparently you are replying to my post where I said that Steiner
      often said that "anthroposophy is the wisdom IN the human being." You
      do not address me, but of all the responses to this thread, this
      quote comes closest to what I wrote to you. Yet, you misquote me
      quoting Steiner. You say anthroposophy is not the wisdom "of" the
      human being. I never said it was, and as far as I know, neither did
      Steiner. To say the wisdom "in" the human being is quite different
      than the wisdom "of" the human being.

      Third, you say that Steiner says that anthroposophy is "the
      consciousness of one's humanity". I have no problem with that, but I
      doubt that it is a "rather than" situation in the way that you set it
      up, where you say Steiner says that 'anthroposophy is this rather
      than that.' Steiner said a lot of things, to different people, in
      different lectures and to different pupils at different times. There
      is even the possibility that Steiner changes his mind or contradicts
      himself or more likely, evolves, or says things that are relevant to
      one audience and one set of pupils or pupil and not to another. Which
      is not to say that Steiner is immoral or lying. No. He evolves, and
      he is also a human with some flaws, who sometimes may contradict
      himself, and he also realized that certain things were more
      appropriate for one pupil or audience and not for another.

      So, I would say that it is splitting hairs to say that 'anthroposophy
      is not the wisdom "of" (or "in", which means something different, by
      the way) the human being, but rather....." This kind of hair
      splitting, if done by you, Russell, or by Steiner, is not very
      fruitful to me. I forgive Steiner his inconsistencies, because he
      was, after all, and is, for me at least, a great being of wisdom who
      has taught and teaches me much. I pray to be able to forgive myself
      my even greater inconsistences....

      As for you, dear Russell, I'd advise you not to ask a question if you
      think you already know the answer, unless you make it clear that you
      are being rhetorical.
      Also, I'd prefer that if you are responding to my posts, you answer
      me directly, even if you also address or include all others in your
      address. Speaking of community (your question of community), that,
      for me, in the personal address and attention from the heart (even as
      best one can in 'virtual reality') is the beginning of community.
      Community begins where you are.

      In any case, you will do as you are able, and I will wish you the
      best in that. Thanks for the exchange and opportunity to learn.

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