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2188Re[2]: [anthroposophy] Attachments-Soul calendar

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  • Myaso
    Nov 2, 2001
      Hello Guillermo,

      Wednesday, October 31, 2001, 11:04:46 PM, you wrote:

      GRI> The Calendar files are just a part of the unsolicited attachments coming
      GRI> from you, there were also the UFO's pictures you keep on sending.
      GRI> Totally irrelevant to Anthrops IMHO.
      I think that such FREE people as anthroposophists are really FREE in
      choosing to subsctribe and NOT to subscribe to ANY e-mail lists. And
      if they are really FREE, they understand that everybody else is also
      FREE to send anything they want ACCORDING to the theme of this e-mail
      list. And if SOMEBODY do not like something in list, and almost ALL
      other likes (or feeling indifference to) it, real anthroposophist
      must make a big thinking of this fact and make a right conclusion.
      GRI> What I will do is to add your email to a filter and send whatever is coming
      GRI> from your address to the trash bin.
      Really you ARE that anthroposophist, Guillermo.
      Your choice are irreproachable and full of wisdom.

      As for me, for my living in Ukraine I really do not have enough
      information of Soul calendar, eurythmy and anthroposophical science in
      a whole. And Internet cannot be said to be full of such useful
      information. So this list (together with Steiner'98) are really a
      source of information for me.
      So, look to this letter as an act from person trying to be free.

      Best regards,
      Myaso mailto:mzyaso@...