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2186Re: [anthroposophy] Attachments-Soul calendar

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  • Joel Simon Halevi
    Nov 1, 2001

      Exactly, you just have to press CTRL-C (or copy) of the .jpg picture, for that you can use "Photo Editor" or "Imaging" from Kodak, then goto the text part where you want to insert the Graphic file and press CTRL-V (or paste) and then you will have the graphic into the word page.


      You can move it, and after a little whhile the file will be with the Text and Graphics in the proper place.

      Regards and thanks for your effort


        DRStarman2001@... wrote:

      I receive the text and Graphics in the proper order, but I cannot download the graphics. I insist if it is poossible to receive them in a MSWord Format will be great.



      ******If you can tell me how to send a JPEG in MSWord, I'll try it. Do you just imbed the JPEG in the text?


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