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2112Starman-Re: Dear friends...

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  • elaineupton@hotmail.com
    Oct 18, 2001
      Dear Starman and all,

      Below is part of what I wrote, followed by your(Starman's) reply, and
      after that my new and brief comment.

      --- In anthroposophy@y...,
      > elaineupton@h... writes:
      > << ....the whole agenda of the World Bank and the IMF (Internation
      > Fund), all in relation to elite corporate globalization is an issue
      here, as
      > I and many others see it. And so the WTC (World Trade Center)
      represents that
      > corporate global elite who enact policies that impoverish the Earth
      and the
      > citizens of so many poor countries....
      > ...the repeated bombings of Iraq by U.S. forces, bombings and
      sanctions have
      > resulted in the loss of thousands upon thousands of "civilian"
      > ....we who pay taxes for war.... support sweat shops run by elite
      > corporations, etc.....
      > when you respond that my posts are "offensive" or strange or
      unclear, I will
      > look to see what might be my part in this...
      > if someone finds my posts "sick" (as one of you said), I ask you
      to consider
      > that it is you who are finding the sickness. >>

      Starman's reply:

      > *******I think that anyone who can't see the words above are as
      filled with
      > hate as Bin Laden has something wrong with their sensibilities.
      > Perhaps a good place to start might be with all Steiner said
      about the
      > Christ working through Western Civilization, and the kind of things
      he said
      > about Lenin and people like him and how they would mean the end of

      My new and brief (and probably last) reply:

      If you, dear Starman, choose to see what I said as filled with hate
      then that is your seeing, and I do not need to defend myself. It is
      your seeing, and I suggest you claim responsibility for **your own
      seeing**. I only need examine my heart and know that there is not the
      hate of which you speak. I suggest you examine your own heart, and
      further I suggest that you follow your own advice and start with
      the "Christ working through Western Civilization" and through you.

      Blessings and love,
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