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2026Re: [anthroposophy] Re: UFO/Astral Being Exchange

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  • DRStarman2001@aol.com
    Oct 4, 2001
      pacbay@... writes:
      << Read Lt.Col Corso book on Roswell. He headed the Eisenhower army
      intelligence team to de-engineer the Roswell crash evidence and describes in
      detail where the crash object and alien bodies were iced and examined;
      collected, stored and what corporations used alien technology in the 50's to
      develop some modern optics and computerization. Watch the tape interview of
      Jesse Marcel's son (now a MD) who describes in detail his handling of alien
      craft objects. >>

      *******I mentioned these names (I note you still will not produce web sites
      so we can verify your supposed 'evidence' for ourselves, like that fake 'ufo'
      pic you posted here awhile ago). It's been pointed out to me that none of
      these people came forward with their stories before the late 1970s. Why did
      they have nothing to say for 30 years if it was so important? Scared of their
      lives for revealing classified info? Why all of a sudden, after the latest
      Roswell rumors started about 1978, are they so brave now?

      >>> There are beings that are far craftier than humans that use etheric

      mental technologies to deceive researchers and conventional men or women

      believing certain ufo experiences. These beings do not belong our solar

      evolution and are not connected with Ahrimanic stream (though they may

      interact or be using each other)

      *******They're crafty deceivers but are not Ahrimanic beings? Then what are

      they, and why are they deceptive?? And how are they related to your other 2

      theoretical sources?

      >>> Who know for sure what their agendas are but the definably use mind
      technology and hypnosis to control people for the reports. There has never
      been any talk or discussion of Ahriman or any supra spiritual Beings ala
      Steiner. It is possible and probable that they come with a different solar
      agenda of their own and don't really care about Ahriman or others.<<<

      *******I have no idea what the above is supposed to mean, especially 'there
      has never been any talk or discussion of Ahriman'. By whom? Huh?

      >>>I have yet to hear of any elemental that can leave magnetic traces or
      radiation effects affect they depart.

      *******What ones do you know of and how do you know what they do and don't
      do? Why do you think it's impossible for energy beings to emit energy? And
      what about the 'fairy rings', for the observed effects of legend?

      >> Steiner was not all knowing. He did not speak of computers, videophones
      and rockets to the moon yet may have "seen" them coming.

      *******You think his science did not provide for such things? Their
      PRINCIPLES were all known in his time. Perhaps you don't study him at all,
      with such a dismissive attitude--- but I do, and I see nothing in the last 75
      years that says 'Oh we have to throw out the principles of spiritual science
      as inadequate.' Quite the opposite, in fact: the so-called 'scientific' grasp
      of things, the illusion he warned against, grows stronger daily with its
      Ahrimanic mythology.

      >>>I am not interested in promoting a "personal opinion" but only pointing
      out what the mass of written reports can only lead one to deduce.<<

      *******I'm afraid it's what only YOU can be led to deduce, not "one". I've
      read every UFO report I've seen for 30 years and I come to different
      conclusions, and every person has a right to no matter what you try to impose
      on the phenomena.

      >>>One or two statements by two individuals - Steiner and Constable - do not
      hold enough weight to the over 10 thousand books (some serious, some not) and
      the over 100,000 first hand reports of witnesses and contactees.

      *******Now this is just complete dishonesty and you know it. You're making it
      sound as if ALL reports are in contrast to Constable's work when absolutely
      NONE are, there merely being different INTERPRETATIONS of what is seen--- and
      Constable's infrared photos extending the field of vision to make visible
      what the other authors you cite are ignorant of. Also, that Constable, who
      PHOTOGRAPHED UFOs in the invisible state hundreds of times over 40 years and
      whose work has been REPLICATED, merely made some "statements." And clearly
      that's all Steiner's work is to you, is "statements" made in a book. Well,
      that's too bad. For some of us, it's far more than that. A few of his
      "statements" are worth volumes of work by uninspired materialist science, or
      science fiction for that matter, made by people with a quite limited point of
      view compared to a real clairvoyant's.

      >>>Anthroposophy can be used for some paranormal interpretations but it is
      inadequate and antiquated in dealing with phenomena now happening since the

      *******Oh, just like that, you dismiss it all? Why are you on an
      anthroposophy list, then? As of 1950 it's out of date. Rubbish, I say.

      >>>Etheric theory in AP is weak and undeveloped; astral phenomena
      descriptions are vague and scattered; references to Ahriman and how this
      influence works directly in the world (not just in man) is also circumspect
      to say the least.

      ********I would say the last statements are pure unadulterated applesauce.
      Try reading Wachsmuth's book, The Etheric Formative Forces in Cosmos, Earth
      and Man, Ernst Lehrs' Man Or Matter, and Ernst Marti's The Four Ethers. Then
      look at the work done making the ethers visible by electro-photography in The
      Loom of Creation by Denis Milner and Edward Smart, Sensitive Crystallization
      by Ehrenfried Pfeiffer and others, and the capillary dynomolysis work. Then
      really READ the descriptions of the astral world in Steiner's Theosophy and
      Occult Science so that you can see them yourself as anyone can. Read
      Constable's work showing how Reich was working with the Chemical Ether and
      how the elementals are exactly what etheric physics predicts would be found.

      This is not a religion where things are taken on faith, but a science. I
      think your dismissal of all the scientific work done into the ethers over the
      past 80 years is an insult to Steiner and all those working out of his
      indications. You're saying all this simply because you want to believe UFOs
      are ships from other planets and etheric physics seems to show they are in
      fact from right here. This is just more put-downs of anthroposophy by people
      not involved in working with it.

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