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1884Re: UFO/Astral Being Exchange

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  • utopia_planetia@hotmail.com
    Sep 9, 2001
      Hi Jeff,

      "Ship" does convey the dense idea of mode of travel because of our
      present culture.

      I beleive humanity, from all the planets of the solar system and
      maybe beyond, shares the condition of objectivity. Individuals have
      senses more or less projected outwardly -- an "I" aware of the
      physical surroundings and subjected to it by its physical, etheric
      and astral body. In this view, human beings not from Earth must use
      tools, such as ways of transportation, but surely not in the way NASA
      suggests. Probably more in etheric and elemental ways. Their
      relationship with the objective world must be tied in and felt at a
      deep inner level. Astral travel, without any outward support than
      from the beings's own energy must be conceived as well.

      To go back to the subject of the repopulating of Earth in the
      previous epochs, was astral travel the only means by which
      Saturnians, Jupiterians, Marsians and maybe others came? If yes, then
      I don't understand two points: 1. Planet Earth had almost no human
      life at a period of the Lemurian epoch according to Steiner; 2.
      Racial traits are physical, more imparted by genetics than
      reincarnation -- and then Steiner mentions also that at their
      arrival, Luciferic forces influenced them throughout the generations
      until they were leveled(Occult Science).


      --- In anthroposophy@y..., "jeff auen" <pacbay@h...> wrote:
      > Utopia - name please.
      > A very interesting idea. I don't think these fellows are coming
      over from these planets in "ships" but may be interacting in other
      elemental and etheric ways. There is a notion in ufology that some of
      the visitors are actually interdimensional travelers- not physical at
      all but can slow their etheric substances down and materialize here
      for a limited length of time. We also should remember that much of
      this "contact" information was published between 1950-1960 before the
      popularization of Star Trek and Star Wars so many of these concepts
      predate Sci Fi popular concepts.
      > . We must also remember that our present condition on earth
      is "mistake". Our evolutionary plan did not include living in the
      materialized earth as it exists now but more in the "chemical etheric
      state" (above hydrogen). We "dropped" down and make dense the
      chemical etheric substances into our present earthly substances over
      vast periods of time due to the Luciferic and later the Ahrimanic
      influences (the Fall from Heaven or the "ethers" ). For all we know
      there are planets and universes existing that are not physical like
      ours but have gone through their evolutionary cycles and beings have
      achieved human status. And they are now investigating the universe in
      all levels of creation. This would again explain faster than
      light "technologies" since they are "living" and functioning at a
      different frequency- faster than physical light. This may sound like
      true science fiction but so was the computer in 1940, the micro
      computer in 1975 and our frequent landings on the moon (with Mars
      being next).
      > Jeff
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      > From: utopia_planetia@h...
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      > Sent: Saturday, September 08, 2001 7:17 AM
      > Subject: [anthroposophy] Re: UFO/Astral Being Exchange
      > Something interesting to consider is that, as Steiner mentions in
      > Occult Science and Occult History is that Saturnians, Jupiterians
      > Marsians repopulated the Earth from the Lemurian to the Atlantean
      > epoch. These beings are human, from the same human life wave of
      > Earth period. Rudolf Steiner explains that they could not live on
      > planet Earth because of its hostile conditions at the time, and
      > other developmental reasons, specific to them (you can find all
      > info in the the aforementioned books).
      > Likewise, Steiner says that it is these beings that created the
      > different races of the Earth when they came back(therefore
      > a "physical" effect). Can reincarnation only account for such
      > diversity in appearence?
      > The question is, could have they come over with "spaceships"?
      > some human beings still remained on these planets of the solar
      > system? According to Steiner in "Occult Science", YES; some human
      > beings, clearly mentioned as "human" stayed over. Their
      appearence is
      > diffrent because of the different degrees of Ahrimaninc and
      > influence. Those On Saturn, Steiner mentions, have almost escaped
      > Luciferic influences.
      > Obviously, their physical bodies cannot be entirely dense -- more
      > etheric in nature.
      > --- In anthroposophy@y..., DRStarman2001@a... wrote:
      > >
      > > In a message dated 8/7/01 8:04:56 PM, JadMcCurdy@a... writes:
      > >
      > > << Hi Dr. Starman and Jeff,
      > >
      > > An interesting related exchange RE: the incarnation of
      > beings, both
      > > in terms of the possibility of actual physical UFOs and,
      > alternately, the
      > > likelihood that these manifestations are actually astral beings
      > using
      > > "elementals" to materialize their essence as an aspect of the
      > Ahrimanic
      > > deception. Overall, I would think it is not possible for either
      > view to
      > > dominate. Together they help us remain open to the possibility
      > other
      > > physically based life forms existing elsewhere in the universe,
      > while perhaps
      > > helping us to develop an overall vigilance and discernment as
      > their
      > > origins and spiritual significance. I have not read Steiner's
      > (or
      > > really any ideas for that matter) on the spiritual significance
      > UFOs
      > > though, so I can only speak for myself here: I can only at this
      > point in time
      > > maintain vigilant skepticism. >>
      > >
      > > Try reading Trevor James Constable's work, especially The
      > Pulse of
      > > Life.
      > >
      > > Once more, a photo of one of the elementals attached...
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