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1876Re: [anthroposophy] Re: UFO/Astral Being Exchange

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  • Bradford Riley
    Sep 8, 2001
      >From: utopia_planetia@...
      >>Subject: [anthroposophy] Re: UFO/Astral Being Exchange
      >Date: Sat, 08 Sep 2001 14:17:17 -0000

      Bradford writes;

      Who ever you are, that is a very good place to start, even if we had to
      search out the Devachan for the Mars Beings. Saturn, it is clear from
      Steiner's descriptions dealing with Victor Hugo, that Saturn wouldn't really
      have the firvolity of anything Lucifer left. Now here is a path to the
      planets. Hugo visited the Saturn Beings because he was a Hibernian Initiate.
      "The cold hard outer banks"... He wrote a poem which I had to find, but it
      is in Human Encounters and Karma by Athys Floride.

      Based on Steiner's researches into Karmic histories of individuals, there
      arises a poem from Hugo as a memory of his Saturn experiences as an
      Initiate. His writers ability to get deep into the full warmth of a
      biography and join ranks with the salavaged French language is utterly
      amazing. The peculiar warmth generated for understanding the Saturn Beings
      as Memory of the Cosmos, living not in the future but holding the cosmic
      memory forces, is truly stunning. On earth the Native Americans were under
      the Saturn Race and there is a mystery we have yet to understand. The Native
      American Saturn Race were minimilists, they only took what was needed and
      the entire ecological book of nature and and every animal, plant and river
      were part of a book of warmth and brotherhood spread out before them as a
      real book and real religion. They were right. We Ahrimanized their
      reputation and we need their understanding of Earth and of course America's
      mission as Ahrimans vessel didn't want to have the noble concept of the
      great Native American Saturn race on his view screen.

      Hugo's poem is called "THE VISION FROM WHICH THIS BOOK AROSE". He takes us
      right to the Saturn edge of the world. Instead of astronauts we have
      Innernauts.. instead of dumb blank stares when it comes to how Buddha came
      to Mars and how Christ came from the Sun, we need to develop a research
      field in which the inner planetary communities and their explorations are
      looked upon as a real heroic, Right Stuff training programs. Hugo's poem
      takes you right to the edge of the Saturn universe and it is a very
      different perception from ours. Everything in NASA and the space program,
      with its three stage rockets and our three bodies and how it took several
      stages to land the Christ into Jesus, are all imitations of higher Spiritual
      realities. We are fascinated with the blundering power of the rockets red
      glare but the inner initiation journeys of the Great Human Family are much
      better adventure stories.. We need to follow some of the clues and trails to
      relink with our planetary family.

      Some one wrote;

      >Something interesting to consider is that, as Steiner mentions in
      >Occult Science and Occult History is that Saturnians, Jupiterians and
      >Marsians repopulated the Earth from the Lemurian to the Atlantean
      >epoch. These beings are human, from the same human life wave of the
      >Earth period. Rudolf Steiner explains that they could not live on
      >planet Earth because of its hostile conditions at the time, and for
      >other developmental reasons, specific to them (you can find all this
      >info in the the aforementioned books).
      >Likewise, Steiner says that it is these beings that created the
      >different races of the Earth when they came back(therefore
      >a "physical" effect). Can reincarnation only account for such
      >diversity in appearence?
      >The question is, could have they come over with "spaceships"? Have
      >some human beings still remained on these planets of the solar
      >system? According to Steiner in "Occult Science", YES; some human
      >beings, clearly mentioned as "human" stayed over. Their appearence is
      >diffrent because of the different degrees of Ahrimaninc and Luciferic
      >influence. Those On Saturn, Steiner mentions, have almost escaped all
      >Luciferic influences.
      >Obviously, their physical bodies cannot be entirely dense -- more
      >etheric in nature.

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