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1816Re: [anthroposophy] RE: UFO/Astral Being Exchange

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  • jeff auen
    Aug 9, 2001
      As an addition to the earlier post, among the nearly 645 books on UFO's at Amazon! try:
      Open Skies, For the First Time a Govt UFO Expert Speaks Out by Pope and Goode
      UFO Briefing - the Best Available Evidence by Berkner
      The Best Evidence Video by Las Vegas Newscaster and Journalist George Knapp
      Videos, Photos and hands on experiences are hard to falsify by psychic ploys..
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      Subject: Re: [anthroposophy] RE: UFO/Astral Being Exchange

      In a message dated 8/7/01 8:04:56 PM, JadMcCurdy@... writes:

      << Hi Dr. Starman and Jeff,

      An interesting related exchange RE: the incarnation of spiritual beings, both
      in terms of the possibility of actual physical UFOs and, alternately, the
      likelihood that these manifestations are actually astral beings using
      "elementals" to materialize their essence as an aspect of the Ahrimanic
      deception. Overall, I would think it is not possible for either view to
      dominate. Together they help us remain open to the possibility of other
      physically based life forms existing elsewhere in the universe, while perhaps
      helping us to develop an overall vigilance and discernment as to their
      origins and spiritual significance. I have not read Steiner's ideas (or
      really any ideas for that matter) on the spiritual significance of UFOs
      though, so I can only speak for myself here: I can only at this point in time
      maintain vigilant skepticism. >>

      Try reading Trevor James Constable's work, especially The Cosmic Pulse of

      Once more, a photo of one of the elementals attached...

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