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1805Re: Pennysylvania esoteric?Quaker esotericism?

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  • elaineupton@hotmail.com
    Aug 7, 2001
      Thanks, Bradford, and hello all who are interested in this thread.

      Your reply(Bradford) to my questions on esoteric Quakerism and
      esoteric Pennsylvania (Anthropops at Kimberton, Amish, Philadephia,
      etc.) is good to read and helpful, particularly with what you say of
      the listening/stillness of Quaker practice as a way of tapping the I
      AM and rising above the astral/sentient, and reaching into the "John
      Gospel Word field" is wonderful.

      That John Gospel (In the beginning was the Word...) keeps coming back
      to me, and has been so important to me since childhood (although for
      periods of time I forget it, at least outwardly).

      I do attend (irregularly, so far) Quaker (or Friends)
      meetings--presently one of the two Meetings in Baltimore, MD, and MD
      is not far from Penn., and MD also had a strong Quaker presence
      historically. I am an anthropop, yet feel drawn to something in the
      Quaker way, as does my partner.--

      ((By the way, I've also attended Unitarian Universalist churches (some
      call them "fellowships", not churches), and also find something
      important in the openness and commitment to social justice (what the
      Quakers call peace and justice testimony and witness, I believe). R.W.
      Emerson, admired by many anthropops, had something to do with the
      founding of one Unitarian group or another, right?))

      Well, I will seek more on George Fox and William Penn. Also on Roger
      Williams, and his ideals of "religous freedom." And yes, the founding
      of the United States (colonies, etc.) seems replete with complex

      Be well,
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