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17995Re: Anthroposophical Adult Education

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  • Stephen Hale
    Dec 6, 2008
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      --- In anthroposophy@yahoogroups.com, "carol" <organicethics@...>
      > You may have noticed the name Giovanni Colazza in a recent post – an
      > anthroposophist who lived during the same time frame as Rudolf
      > Apparently, from what I've heard of this man, he was furnished
      > instructions, by R.S himself,. ,to develop, through his passing
      > indications along to other interested bodies, a form of upper astral
      > 'affront' against what inevitably lie ahead, at the end of the 20th
      > century.
      > One of the main reasons for this, I was informed, was to ensure,
      > should the Anthroposophical's physical presence be overly
      constained by
      > the overpowering forces of materialism of the later 20th century,
      > Higher Beings could still manage to do some interventional work,
      > the soul of a small amount of living individuals.
      > And, this did happen, for I had occasion, when I was sufficiently
      > readied, to catch a slightest glance at a little of what was
      > back in 2006.
      > I've already mentioned to you that Anthroposophy REALLY is
      > into the whole of humankind – in a great multiplicity of means and
      > manners. May I now add, with the utmost discretion as well as
      > Carol.

      Oh, I definitely remember the name of Giovanni Colazza, from the
      Evola autobiographical account, and it made me remember our 'raison
      d'être'. Apparently, Steiner initiated Colazza directly, who then
      passed it on to Massimo Scaligero, who initiated some folks that Mark
      made the acquaintance of in the 1970's, amidst rather Evolian
      methods, it seems to me. Check it out where Mark denotes that he was
      practising kabbala and "angelic magic" rituals. And this has been
      what has always bothered me about his spiritual practice, and your
      own subscribence to it. It only shows that anthroposophy can be
      brought into any occult endeavour, due to the lack of vigilance that
      was supposed to be the task of the original vorstand.

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