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17966Re: marie steiner quotation: receive the child in reverence

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  • Stephen Hale
    Dec 2, 2008
      What good is it to receive the child in reverence if the fourth cycle
      begins with, "this is what you get. Conform to the rules." This is
      what you Waldorf teachers have apparently left out of your equation.

      The fourth developmental cycle begins in the same manner as the
      fourth stage of the ancient mysteries, albeit without the astral-
      etheric alliance. Thus, Intellect and Individuality arises at the
      age of twenty-one, via the fact that the Christ Event occurred 2,000
      years ago, and this is a fact that proves that the Mystery of
      Golgotha established initiation as a "world historical process".

      Thus, we are all initiates living through the seven stages of
      initiation beginning with the 'raven' and leading to the 'sun-hero'
      configuration that denotes the special condition of the Christmas
      season. Having experienced the fruits of the recap of the fourth
      cultural epoch in the first five hundred years of the fifth, which
      denotes evolutionary advancement, we now bear two of the four
      conditions of what occurred through the wise guiding influences of
      the Hierophants of the ancient Mysteries.

      Waldorf education apparently has yet to realize that the overwhelming
      impediments to progress occur beginning in the fourth cycle, wherein
      the greater dangers of temptation and self-determination rule. This
      period they have nothing to do with; choosing instead to work
      comfortably with those three periods that are really governed by the
      divine powers.

      Waldorf apparently thinks that adults are free to go it alone and
      make it on their own; probably a skewed PoF principle concerning
      ethical individualism in the light of adult status. Wrong!


      --- In anthroposophy@yahoogroups.com, "holderlin66" <holderlin66@...>
      > for the child presents a problem set us by divine worlds
      > Each child in every age brings something new into the world from
      > regions, and it is our task as educators to remove bodily and
      > obstacles out of its way; to remove hindrances so that his spirit
      > enter in full freedom into life.
      > marie steiner quotation: receive the child in reverence
      > http://wn.rsarchive.org/Education/19220819p01.html
      > GA0305 Spiritual Ground of Education IV
      > If we have received the child in religious reverence, if we have
      > educated him in love up to the time of puberty, then our proper
      > after this will be to leave the youth's spirit free, and to hold
      > intercourse with him on terms of equality. We aim, — that is not to
      > touch the spirit but to let it be awakened. When the child reaches
      > puberty we shall best attain our aim of giving the child over to
      > use of his intellectual and spiritual powers if we respect the
      > and say to ourselves: you can remove hindrances from the spirit,
      > physical hindrances and also, up to a point, hindrances of the soul.
      > What the spirit has to learn it learns because you have removed the
      > impediments. If we remove impediments the spirit will develop in
      > with life itself even in very early youth. Our rightful place as
      > educators is to be removers of hindrances.
      > Hence we must see to it that we do not make the children into
      copies of
      > ourselves, that we do not seek forcibly and tyrannically to
      > what was in ourselves in those who in the natural course of things
      > develop beyond us. Each child in every age brings something new
      into the
      > world from divine regions, and it is our task as educators to remove
      > bodily and psychical obstacles out of its way; to remove hindrances
      > that his spirit may enter in full freedom into life. These then
      must be
      > regarded as the three golden rules of the art of education, rules
      > must imbue the teacher's whole attitude and all the impulse of his
      > The golden rules which must be embraced by the teacher's whole
      > not held as theory, are: reverent gratitude to the world in the
      > of the child which we contemplate every day, for the child presents
      > problem set us by divine worlds: Thankfulness to the universe. Love
      > what we have to do with the child. Respect for the freedom of the
      > — a freedom we must not endanger; for it is to this freedom we
      > educate the child, that he may stand in freedom in the world at our
      > side.
      > Bradford comments;
      > Nobody's perfect, I certainly wasn't the best Father in my
      opinion. I
      > had a later crack at being a Waldorf Teacher and it was during these
      > years that the above statements become livingly natural, as a
      > and stand and go between the child and their angel, the teacher, a
      > example, of sorts, flawed, but knowing where the intuition and
      where the
      > depths and lines that point to the objective foundations of the
      > are, not materialism, but understanding the objective foundations
      > matter and spirit and the human child before me, all of them richly
      > became clearer in temperament, family bio and the unique mystery.
      > so I was taught by listening to the seed buds of intuition, answer
      > questions that neither my parents or teachers ever answered save
      > some dogma.. Creative questions were asked, seed buds of intuition
      > higher flashes of thought, were promoted and grown in the little
      > house of the class room.... I had very little trouble being both
      > passionate, and objective about the actual foundations and goals of
      > human body, soul and fresh new spirit before me. There was nothing
      > stale about the real living beings before me and my observations,
      > to Spiritual Science, would never tire of grasping richer and newer
      > riddles that make the individual parth of the fathomless depth of
      > and the i am.
      > "....for the child presents a problem set us by divine worlds" Oh
      > to understand and ask this question, here is a little incarnated
      > mystery...each child before me is a star woven, time being, each
      > its little navigational star thinking and unfolding human destiny
      > karma...and the Angels are weaving in these delicate foundations
      and in
      > these delicate warm relationships. They have chosen these their
      > parents...and these children will grow in a short 12 year Jupiter
      > into bearers of thought, love, light and also must, if possible, be
      > to connect what they see and hear, what their skills are, to the
      > wisdom and foundations of humanness and human spirituality, that
      > radiates as a human substance, a qualified and specialized human
      > substance in laugh, in tone of voice, in our returned understanding
      > confidence, in raying out the sunlight of human warmth and vision,
      > wholesome intuition into the depth of being, so they see and hear
      > an example as a human being who does understand and who shares the
      > of humaness and courage and joy as daily bread. As daily bread as
      > living life shaping forces arising right out of the class room.
      > We learn from everyone, every human being and every human biography
      > each riddle and astonished person we meet, astonishes us with wonder
      > grown richer from understanding the real living forces condensed
      > our gaze. And once we get in the swing of seeing the deeper riddles
      > that each person poses, we learn to be attentive and be prepared to
      > understand the star rhythms and biographical time lines, the
      > the catharsis and the trials as something even more potent and more
      > hidden and waiting to come forth to grow the soul itself. We never
      > learning because the wonder of the astonishing riddle that the
      > world has placed before us, in living mystery, before our gaze..
      > our strength to see more we owe to everyone who crosses our path,
      > with every challenge... ours is to know and grasp the deeper
      > of any human being and the individual karmic workings of how man and
      > felow humans are placed in the swirling sea of Time in the
      > ZeitGeist...and these are our lesson plans, these are the studies,
      > Michaelangelo sculptures in solid flesh and etheric ethnic riches,
      > astral gifts and intuitive responses that resound like rich riddles
      > echos back to us...
      > And one shall never, never forget some of the key realities that
      > from Steiner's call of The Angels Work in the Astral Body of Man and
      > just exactly is meant at how the Angels require us to look at each
      > revelation of our fellow human beings before us. It is the
      > of the Angels to Us and it is the requirement of Us to the Children,
      > friends and karmic relations we encounter...even strangers who
      shall and
      > cannot be stranger at all even in our chance encounters there is
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