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17897Anthroposophical Adult Education

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  • rosemarycmcm
    Nov 25, 2008
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      While I am waiting to get the description from RS in GA200 of the
      "world fellowship of free schools" that Steve mentioned recently, I
      want to let you know of the website started within anthroposophical
      circles this year which includes the manifesto Joseph Beuys and
      Heinrich Boll gave to the world in 1972 for a Free International
      University as well as some ongoing discussions about how to bring
      anthroposophy into the social realm:

      I am the keeper of the site for the time being. I sent a private email
      to several on this site about a month back asking for astrosophical
      advice on how best to schedule a Social Sculpture action currently in
      the planning stages. What day? What time of day? Weekly, monthly?
      Under Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Sun? Please click the link for Loving the
      World Anyway on the above site and you will see the working flier for
      Action Orange.

      Lastly, I attended the North American adult education in anthroposophy
      conference in 2007. I am adding that as a link on the Social Sculpture
      site as well, so you will see what has been pulled together so far.
      Unfortunately, the group did not follow through on their plan to meet
      again this fall. I would love to work with Steve and others on however
      you visualize these "schools." It is something I am deeply committed
      to doing. In the mood of Thanksgiving,


      Steve brought:

      What is the solution? Bring Michael INTEL, via Rudolf Steiner, to
      > the masses. A 98 percent ignorant vs. a 2 percent cognizant does not
      > suffice for healing an ignorant world.
      > And by the way, Steiner had the prescience to call for a world
      > fellowship of free schools for spiritual science exactly three
      years, two months, and one week before the CC of 1923. Now, how's that
      for timing?
      > Well, it never took place, and that is why we have the larger part
      of the problems that exist today. Ignorance prevails rather than
      gnosis. As a former systems analyst, I assessed this problem a
      > number of years ago and developed a plan. It still holds good if we
      > can get the schools going.
      > Steve
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