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1787Which Mary?-Fwd: a mary story

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  • elaine upton
    Aug 2, 2001

      Ha, ha, ha! Hope the spirits (anthropo-sophic ones) can laugh. This post (below) came from my partner's mother, and this really happened with two friends of hers at a real house not far from where she lives.


      >Subject: a mary story

      >Date: Wed, 1 Aug 2001 12:07:04 EDT
      > evelyn had trouble with bees over the front door. she made a sign(it
      >was big) and put it on a lawn chair in front of the steps that lead to the
      >front porch. the sign said,"use the back door" BEES!!!" later, mary came to
      >see evelyn. she walked past the sign and knocked on the front door. evelyn
      >was surprised. she asked if mary had not seen the sign. mary replied that
      >she had ,but that she could not figure out how the bees would know to go
      >tothe back door. evelyn said that mary was dead serious.

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