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17794Re: A couple of the most pronounced meteorological oddities....

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  • Robert Mason
    Nov 1, 2008
      --- In anthroposophy@yahoogroups.com, "carol" <organicethics@...>
      > BOOTHBAY HARBOR, Maine¬óMeteorologists are baffled by rapid tidal
      > changes along the Maine coast, which damaged some boats and piers.
      > ...Witnesses say low tide turned and became high within a matter of
      > minutes on Tuesday afternoon. The changes occurred six or seven
      > The National Weather Service says reports from several locations
      > indicated that water levels fell and rose from 4 feet to as much as
      > feet during the event....
      > In a public information statement, the weather service says the
      > "remains a mystery and may never be known." ....

      Steiner said:

      >>The flood-tide is thought to be obviously connected with the
      attractive force of the moon, and is looked for when the moon reaches
      its meridian. When the moon leaves the meridian, the flood is
      expected to change to ebb. But we need only remark that in many
      places ebb and flow occur twice, while the moon stands at the
      meridian only once during the same period. And there are other facts.
      You can learn from travel-books that in many parts of the earth the
      flood by no means coincides with the moon's meridian; in some places
      it occurs up to two and a half hours later. Certainly, science has
      thought up excuses to account for this: we are told that the flood is
      retarded. But there are also certain springs which show an
      indubitable ebb and flow; in some cases the well ebbs when the ocean
      tide is at flood, and vice versa. We are told that these cases, too,
      are examples of retarded ebb or flow in some cases so retarded as to
      run into the other phase. Of course this kind of explanation can
      explain almost anything.<<

      >>Physical manifestations such as the tides and many allied phenomena
      are not essentially telluric, but lunar; nevertheless they are not
      directly due to lunar influence (as recent theories claim), but to
      the lunar principle in the earth itself. There is an apparent
      correspondence between these effects and the moon, but there is, at
      least generally, no immediate connection in time. So when we trace
      the influence of the inner planets, we must look for their counter-
      image in the earth itself, so that the physical effect, the effect
      upon the physical, comes via the earth.<<

      >>We are led in this way to regard the earth as a living being, but
      since it shows us only its physical body, with no evident signs of
      life or feeling or knowledge, its condition is nearer to that of the
      moon. Now we can understand why it is wrong, even taking only the
      external facts, to speak of a direct influence of the moon on the
      tides, and why we can say only that the ebb and flow of the tides
      corresponds to the phases of the moon. The tides, as well as the
      course of the moon are caused by deeper spiritual forces in the
      living earth.

      >>Thus we see how Spiritual Science helps us to clarify external
      facts in a wonderful way. The tides correspond to an inner process in
      the living earth, which produces them and also the orbit of the moon.
      [ 73 ] If you take the findings of Spiritual Science and then go
      through all the books where the phases of moon and earth and tides
      are recorded, you will understand the true relations between moon and
      earth and moon and man.<<
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