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17627Re: The Physical Christ

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  • Stephen Hale
    Oct 3, 2008
      --- In anthroposophy@yahoogroups.com, "Stephen Hale"
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      > --- In anthroposophy@yahoogroups.com, Mikko Nuuttila <bellmeine@>
      > wrote:
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      > > The Christ yelled on the cross, Eli, eli lama sabachthani, God,
      > hast thou forsaken me? In Mayan, these same words mean that he has
      > been immersed in light. Steiner says that on saying these words,
      > Christ became just a physical body and his etheric body left him.
      > Studying these same words in Mayan, we realize that these words
      > heralded Christ's becoming a light body physically when he later
      > the Earth in a cloud. I wonder if there are more correlations
      > Aramaic and Mayan or Hebrew and Mayan. The Mayan elder Hunbatz Men
      > records for instance that ATAN (Adam) is woman in Mayan and I think
      > he also said that EVA means human but I'm not totally sure about
      > last point. Steiner had bad things to say about Mexico, for
      > that they crucified a person upside down at the same time as Jesus
      > was crucified on Golgotha. Perhaps so, but Mayan and Toltec
      > spirituality has yet to be integrated into the anthroposophic
      > it is not just bad things alone. I also wonder if Steiner had
      > anything to say about South America, I've never seen any text like
      > that.
      > > Mikko
      > Consider that we are ourselves the 'source of light' that streams
      > to meet, half-way, the great Sun Logos which reflects down as the
      > physical globe of gas known to the astrophysicists and astronomers.
      > We are not only NOT forsaken, we stream the message down itself.
      > message is: My Kingdom Is Not of This Earth. Thus, the ancient
      > mysteries have been resolved in the Mystery of Golgotha.
      > Did Maurice Cotterell understand this in his aim to exalt the
      > mysteries? Do YOU undertstand this? Did he understand this
      > as a translator of the works of Rudolf Steiner?
      > According to Steiner, many wanted to remain closely connected to
      > ancient mysteries even while they translated his writings from the
      > German.

      It is the body going into the ground that makes for *Us* being the
      source of light that streams up to the Sun Logos. Jesus never gets
      credit for that. It's all about Christ ascending into the sky and
      disappearing into the clouds.

      I once talked to some friends about the historical resurrection of
      Jesus, and how the body had gone into the ground after an eclipse and
      an earthquake, and they branded me a heretic. I thought that *that*
      was common knowledge. Nope.

      Apparently, fundamentalists truly believe that when Thomas had to
      have proof that Jesus had resurrected that He said: "Place your
      fingers in these wounds and see". And Thomas exclaimed: "My Lord, My

      And this meant a physical resurrection. This is what the
      fundamentalists of all the denominations believe, to this day.

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