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1749Re: [anthroposophy] Seeking Insight RE: Karma and Reincarnation

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  • jeff auen
    Jun 26, 2001
      It is my understanding of Steiner that it is our task or duty to get on with the exercises necessary to connect in waking day consciousness with the spiritual world. The efforts required are, of necessity, strenuous, but no more than physical exercise.
      How I wish this were true. We have spoken about this "strenuous" path before in other groups but suffice it to say, I don't think its just about effort and duty or persistence. This recommendation can taken so glibly, so matter of fact, that it belies the real issue -
      total psycho-spiritual transformation and increased sensitivity/contact with psychic and spiritual forces around us and within. This is a major failing point in AP-we lack mentors  who have direct experience and who can assist people in the long and slow process of unfoldment. Though much takes place below consciousness for many, there are times and stages where they intrude and impact on daily life. One is on their own in dealing with these issues.Study groups do not truly deal with this. Reading metaphysics or discussing obtuse passages will not help. Maybe the new psychology movement within AP will address this as other paths have. And yes,we are encouraged to persist in our work but its nice to see some progress or shift in our soul life that may indicate that results are coming about.
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