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17312Re: Miracle Love Carrotz revealed

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  • Stephen Hale
    Sep 4, 2008
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      --- In anthroposophy@yahoogroups.com, "tmasthenes13" <TomBuoyed@...>
      > Thanks for reminding me of Rene! Actually, this pathetic display is
      > vintage Querido. I may just be chanmeling him, or at least his
      > dregs from Kama Loka.
      > Do you realize that his birthday is September 1? Technically, that's
      > the day I discovered the existence of Judith von Halle. My first
      > posting about it on AT was dated Sept. 2, 2007.
      > Remember Rene was a great polyglot. He spoke fluent Dutch, German,
      > French and English. That may explain my present Internet
      > to Germany.
      > Old King Querido. Quite a guy! He sure loved Chartres!
      > Tom

      Don't forget that ol' Steve here stuck his neck out on your behalf in
      regards to Judith. He even reminded you and others about the early
      belief that she was the rather immediate reincarnation of Edith
      Maryon, which your buddy Otmar trounced very early, and easily, as
      the *Dornach representative* of puckered conservatism.

      Steiner was not a polyglot, which is why he apologized to the
      Finlanders for not being able to tell about their national epic, The
      Kalevala, in their native tongue. Yet, he gave the depths of it in

      Querido read and spoke many languages, but did he have the courage to
      tell the absolute truth in coming to America? I'm on the trail, Tom,
      and a damn good investigator, like Mike Connor's from Mannix.
      Remember Mannix? That is who I wanted to be; a private detective.
      Alas, I went in another less adventurous direction for many years,
      but then got the opportunity to become a private eye when I was
      brought to anthroposophy some twenty-one years ago now.

      I learned to listen. I had actually learned it while listening to
      other people's needs, so it was a natural in listening to people like
      Joel Wendt, who had a real concern about the goings-on at Fair Oaks
      in 1977. So, being an analyst, I started to assess the situation.

      Querido goes from Spring Valley to Fair Oaks in 1976. You follow
      after discharge from the Army. Stegmann, who had been in the U.S.
      since 1935, and had attended Steiner's "Priest Course of 1924",
      decides that a Center for Anthroposophical Studies is needed, and
      then Querido shows up in order to convert it to the Rudolf Steiner
      College for Waldorf Teacher Training. Correct? And he is followed
      by Dennis Klocek, correct?

      So, the center becomes nothing more than the second year of a two-
      year program for Waldorf teachers. And Joel becomes a hermit
      traveling the width of the United States for twenty-five years, until
      finally returning to Fair Oaks in 2005. I remember, in November of
      1998, how he had become such a laughing stock to the pompous snobbies
      of Waldorf, like yourself and Queen Bee Schwartz. I couldn't quite
      believe how the author of "Outlaw Anthroposophy", and "Listening to
      the World's Song" could be treated with such loveless disrespect as
      Joel Wendt was treated back in the Autumn of 1998, through the Spring
      of 1999.

      Yes, this was the tone of something called: Steiner98, and yours
      truly introduced himself to your cause in November of 1998 with a
      story about a backyard, and a hoe in the dirt. And a sympathy for a
      boy, who murdered a police officer and himself, brought me first to

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