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  • jmn36210
    Aug 11, 2008


      Friedrich and "Söfchen" (a pet name for Sophie...) got engaged secretly
      on March 15, 1795.
      Friedrich von Hardenberg was 22 and Sophie von Kühn only 13.
      But Friedrich's little fiancée, the love of his life, died in atrocious suffering
      two days after her 15th birthday (she was ill during the last sixteen months
      of her short-lived existence)...
      Novalis himself - the incomparable Poet - died when he was 28. 
      A *solar eclipse* occurred on  the day of his birth: May 2, 1772.
      [Ich habe zu Söfchen Religion - nicht Liebe. Absolute Liebe, vom Herzen
      unabhängige, auf Glauben gegründete, ist Religion.]
      "I feel Religion for Söfchen - not Love.
      Absolute Love, unaffected by the heart, based on Faith, is Religion."
      (translation = J-M)
      [Psychologie. - Die Liebe ist der Endzweck der Weltgeschichte - das
      Amen des Universums.]
      "Psychology. - Love is the ultimate purpose of world history - the
      Amen of the universe."
      [Meine Geliebte ist die Abbreviatur des Universums, das Universum
      die Elongatur meiner Geliebten.]
      "My beloved is the abbreviation of the universe;
      the universe (is) the extension of my beloved."
      He is most famous for his wonderful paintings of the Madonna,
      of the Holy Mother, of Sophia --- in his former life, as Raphael Sanzio.
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