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1701Re: [anthroposophy] Year cycle and Christian festival

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  • starmann77@aol.com
    May 18, 2001
      Dear Franky,
      *******All of what you right may be true. I was just noting was that the 'astral' year seems to have a definite connection to the seasons--- and the use of the verses, I'd imagine, can't be separated from that. For instance, it wouldn't make sense to have people in the Southern Hemisphere using Christmas verses about the 'World-Cold' and such in their Midsummer to sense the astrality around them, now would it? So clearly, the astral body of the earth has a connection with the 'breathing process' of the seasons in the earth's temperate zones. So anyone from down under reading these should be aware of this!

      It's an open question as to the relation of the Festivals to the astral year-cycle. St. John's Day being at the point when the Sun begins to decrease, which the Doctor connected with that saying of John about "He must increase while I decrease"---well, June 24th is the opposite time in the Southern Hemisphere. So does one celebrate St. John's on June 24th or in 'midsummer', which is two opposite times in North and South?

      similarly, the 'Solar' half of the year is when we have Nature-Consciousness while the 'Lunar' or Winter half is when we have Self-Consciousness, 'outer/inner' rhythm. The Doctor describes how we lean on outer nature in summer, and then the plants begin to die and we feel fear in Autumn, hence the need for courage and 'facing the Dragon' of death and mortality to kindle SELF consciousness again. Then, should not people in the Southern Hemisphere have the image of Michael and the Dragon before them in March, not September?

      Just wondering...

      In a message dated Thu, 17 May 2001 9:33:41 PM Eastern Daylight Time, "eurythmy" <eurythmy@...> writes:
      >Dear Dr Starman and all,
      >Re: the Year Cycles and the Christian Festivals.<
      >Steiner gave little direct indications to the priests or anyone else to my knowledge.
      >Nevertheless, why not consider for such a question the point of view exoteric versus esoteric. To live outwardly, and to live inwardly, is the Rosicrucian way, and after all the Calendar of the Soul is a Rosicrucian gift - or endowment.
      >Outwardly we have the Seasons, it is obvious. What do we have inwardly? - The Christian festivals. Those celebrate the life, death, and resurrection of Christ. His incarnation in humanity, its incarnation on the Earth, the Earth as He changes the aura of the Earth at Golgotha, making it radiant as a star. >This wish to unite with Earth-Humanity is the centre of its evolution., bringing it thinking, the Ego and Love. This is in accordance with evolution as envisaged by the good Gods. >This plan of evolution was not without encountering “other” influences. For example, the expulsion of Paradise. This lead to changes. One of the most important in my view for the matter in question is that Christ at first planed to incarnate in the medium point of Earth evolution, in the middle of the Atlantis. Doing so would not have been in accordance with the need for freedom, the gift of “Lucifer”. So it was all put back to what we called the third century !
      A.D. Now due to the influence Ar
      himan planed in 666, it was changed to 333 years earlier , our original Christmas time. Then comes the decision: when in the year. In lectures on Seasons and Festivals, Easter 1924?, Rudolf Steiner, speaks of mystery ceremonies and public festival where the statue of the God was put in the sea for three days and then , brought out, resurrected. This festival pointed to the necessity to dwell on the resurrection at in autumn time, and that is why anthroposophy wishes to celebrate a proper Michaelmas festival. Tin these turning point of time humanity was already too materialised to be able to understand and celebrate the resurrection ain autumn, so Christ decided to go through the experience of Golgotha, as a pedagogical /healing choice at Spring time. In spring, one sees very obviously the new shoots of the leaves. One can also look closer and see the new life already formed in autumn, in the buds, but it is less evident at first sight. Therefore, Easter is in spri!
      ng not in autumn.
      >For us, all was changed. We now are often in disarray about the result. We can some time understand why, but not always. I have the impression that we feel with our hearts the righteousness of the change, but are un-at ease because we cannot reason it.
      >My way of looking at the Year and the Festival is to celebrate the outer Season and the outer deed of Christ, AND to try to be mindful of the inner wish of the Christ, at the opposite time. For the one living in the Southern hemisphere, it is easier in a way as the season coincides with the inner wishes of Christ. For the children down under it is more difficult as they are more under the influence of the outer seasons
      >The way things are reversed from southern to northern hemisphere is an inner way, Exoteric/esoteric

      *******I just thought I'd mention here that these verses emphasizing the GROWING, WAXING influence of the Sun at this time of the year---like so much other evidence within the Soul-Calendar mantras themselves---completely refutes the idea that some people have expressed that the verses should be used everywhere on earth at the same time. In the Southern Hemisphere, the Sun is decreasing in Light now. As Steiner often said, in the Southern Hemisphere everything must be reversed.

      I don't know what indications he gave the Christian Community priests or anyone else about the Festivals, but it seems to me that "Easter" should be after the Autumnal Equinox down under, and the other festivals likewise reversed. As the soul-calendar describes the astral year, it's now clearly the time of the increasing light which is only true in the North, and the verses all about Christmastime, for instance, describe the "World-Cold". So the astral 'year' cannot be separated from the hemispheres in earth's temperate zones, but has opposite cycles in each. (Of course it is quite different at the poles and equator: at the poles I believe the astral is in a state of constant subordination to the physical, while at the equator it is constantly overwhelmed by the etheric.)

      Dr. Starman
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