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16906Re: A Moral Reckoning

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  • Stephen Hale
    Aug 1, 2008
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      > wrote:
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      > > When Jesus looked down from the Cross upon which He was strung
      > > stigmatized in pain, He saw His Mother standing next to Her
      > > named Mary, who was standing next to Mary Magdalene, and in a
      > > of wisdom said: Mother, here is your son, and son here is your
      > > mother. And from that moment the disciple whom the Lord loved
      > > Her into his household.
      > >
      > > And thus was created Saint John The Evangelist. A tri-formed
      > > spiritual being comprised of John the Baptist, Lazarus, and the
      > > Mother of Jesus of Nazareth.
      > Yes, and this is the main essence of Rosicrucianism birth.
      > But even in this tableau, when someone rise his soul to perceive it,
      > there are occult facts that are then unveiled for the one who sees
      > In ancient mysteries, the one who undergone a initiation was called
      > "youth" (young boy, kouros); the phrase under the Cross must be
      > also in this way.And that was a fact for future also in the rise of
      > the young boy from Nain.
      > The Tau Cross became The Rose Cross.
      > Is interesting that, because more of these facts that could be
      > perceived in front of the life-tableau of Golgotha, contains a renew
      > form of the ancient initiation. (as the words spoken as :"Eli, eli,
      > lama sabachtani" are uttered from spiritual heights as "Eloi, eloi
      > lama shevachtani! and are a direct link to phrases that were spoken
      > the ritual of ancient initiation)

      If you look carefully you will find that the young boy from Nain was
      raised by the same being who was seen falling to the ground in the
      form of a 'nainsook' when Jesus was taken into custody. Along with
      this, a naked young man was seen running into the brush. This
      observation came from Peter's elevated vision at a moment of extreme
      crisis and angst. It formed the early part of his specially prepared
      initiation. One in which he has been maligned for, throughout

      There is a relationship between the youth of Nain and the youth who
      died at the age of twelve as a sacrifice; a very important one. In
      fact, we all bear this 'youth of nain' as a fine extract of every
      life we have ever lived. This particular youth would be reborn into
      life after the crucifixion. He was thought to be the gardener by
      Mary Magdalene, which he actually was.

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