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16789Re: fallibility

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  • Stephen Hale
    Jul 16, 2008
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      --- In anthroposophy@yahoogroups.com, "carol" <organicethics@...>
      > Steve: "..coming 83 years after Steiner."
      > Really? 83 + 23 = 106 or if you'd like, 2006 Are you
      > that digital arrived in 2006? Would you be basing this on the mass
      > popularity of digital cameras integrated in cellular phones which
      > record popularity starting in 2006?
      > Or, taking this from another perspective, Steve, did you perhaps
      > throw in that '83' as your very own personalized gesture of dreaded
      > 'black magic' as you call it?
      > There's another point having to do with this thread that I'd like to
      > raise. In the GA 186 lectures, Steiner infers that for the Anglo
      > American, spiritual science will be 'instinctive', it will feel
      > natural, for the European, it will be 'learned' in a way that
      > truths will be known through study in combination with a certain
      > of religious devotion. Sorry, I can't recollect with certainty
      > eastern man's experience with spiritual science, I'd have to dig
      it up
      > and don't have the patience nor time at the moment.
      > Steve, I repeat, I strongly suggest that you get your hands on
      > lecture series. Your instructions to Jean-Marc on how to
      > spiritual science show that you don't afford respect to the
      > differences in how men throughout the world can be approach and
      > apprehend spiritual science truths.
      > Carol.

      First of all, I am not instructing anybody; get clear on that if you
      can. Also, as to digital, it will become the sole television
      transmission device in the United States as of February 2009. How
      about Canada? Have you ever closely looked at an analog picture vs.
      a digital one? Ever notice the ever-moving shadows and pixels in the
      digital? Probably not. Probably just like to complain because I
      don't express myself the way you like. Well, too bad, Carol. See if
      you can get some comfort from Starman before you piss him off, which
      I'm sure you'll do. Then he'll tell you how screwed up you are just
      before banning you.

      I see that you're a libra and not a sagittarius, which makes me feel
      better, although I have two kids who are libras that I get along with
      quite well. So, why waste your time?

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