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16724Find (another) Steiner-said?

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  • Robert Mason
    Jul 5, 2008
      This from John Davy:

      ". . . . Dr. Steiner says that even the idea of a year is no longer valid earlier than mid-Atlantean times, as it is only since then that the earth has been revolving round the sun at the same speed and in the same orbit as it does today. Thus when geologists put the beginning of the Cambria at some 500 million years ago, this represents an extrapolation of contemporary time-scales back into ages when they do not apply. Before Atlantean times, in fact, it is pointless to think in terms of numbers of years; one has to think purely qualitatively, instead."

      I didn't recall that RS put the present astronomical
      relations as arising only so recently. Davy doesn't
      give the quote or citation. Can anyone find the
      trail to Steiner's actual words that Davy is
      apparently alluding to?

      Robert M