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16700Re: [WC] Carrying the Jupiter Race's Burden

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  • carol
    Jul 2, 2008
      Steve: "I have my doubts though, as a doubting Thomas with good reason."

      Yes Steve, not only do we differ in our experience of Anthroposophy,
      but also in how we absorb and interpret Steiner's spoken words.

      What can I say? Life is far too active, and way too complex to be
      explained away by monistic absolutes, right?


      PS. Forget about laying out rules for written expression. I do beleive
      in freedom, though in having stated this, I will admit that I do offer
      up my ear to 'artistic' criticism.

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      > wrote:
      > >
      > >
      > > Steve: "...But see, that's the whole point. Calling the prefontal
      > lobes
      > > "angel lobes", and having zero knowledge of an astral body or an
      > etheric
      > > body is really nothing more than the perpetuation of nonsense. "
      > >
      > > Well, it's funny how Rudolf Steiner, in his time, didn't consider
      > > instances like these to be examples of any perpetuation of
      > nonsense. He
      > > saw them as evidence that progress is occuring, in the form of tiny
      > > trickles which can't help but make their way into our evolving
      > humanity.
      > > Certain influencial or even quasi influencial men will intuit, in
      > spite
      > > of themselves, some element of spiritual science, and then, a
      > number of
      > > these will, by seeming chance, become popularized, thus having an
      > effect
      > > of creating another 'crack' on the side of supersensible
      > recognition-
      > > another trickle breaks out into the open, taking along with it a
      > potion
      > > of our human collectivity, thus resulting in another fragment,
      > fraction
      > > of a supersensible truth, setting itself in stone, within the
      > everyday
      > > experience of an ever growing number of men.
      > >
      > > This is Anthroposophy for me. All mental images which a mechanistic
      > > intellect can succeed in creating shows a fragment of what
      > Anthroposophy
      > > is for ME.
      > >
      > > Please check this out, Val. You'll find it a comfort.
      > >
      > > Rudolf Steiner on Occult History:
      > On the contrary, Steiner called the above "nonsense" again and
      > again. The reason is because it represents the kind of intellectual
      > comfort zone that caused him so much grief over the course of his
      > career. Have you ever noticed that in the third period of Steiner's
      > anthroposophical development (1919-1925), he was charged with having
      > to defend himself on an ever-increasing scale against his detractors?
      > Read the lecture again from "The Anthroposophic Movement" in the
      > files section. It was posted precisely for this purpose of showing
      > how, at the midpoint of the year that started with the fire, Steiner
      > was actively contemplating his enemies. And this opposition only
      > grew in proportion, including the fateful drink from the cup on
      > January 1, 1924.
      > Still, in spite of it, he held good for another nine months after the
      > nine-day initiation of the faithful followers. And trickle-down
      > effect, with corresponding baby steps had nothing to do with it;
      > although I can see why this would be quite popular today.
      > The concept of the "slow train coming" has been addressed quite
      > frequently, but most likely over on A_T more so than here. And Val
      > has been made aware on numerous occasions, but hopefully the
      > highlights and bolds will help her. I have my doubts though, as a
      > doubting Thomas with good reason.
      > Steve
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