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167Re: Esoteric Section Rules

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    Aug 27 2:56 AM
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      Since Sarah brought up the question of diet on the other list, I'll
      continue with this thread.
      As I said, we can see how Dr.Steiner "softened" the rules as time went
      on. You will have noted that meat eating was not forbidden, even from
      the early days- HPB loved her meat! Smoking wasn't even mentioned- HPB a
      chain smoker, who was known to have indulged in hashish. And there were
      advanced pupils of Rudolf's that loved a drag on a fag- Albert Steffen
      for one.

      Alcohol was another matter, as those who've read the original rules
      would know.

      So here we go:
      First Rules given by Rudolf Steiner in 1904

      "6. The partaking of any kind of alcoholic drink is forbidden to the
      Shravakas [members of the school], because this would be harmful to the
      brain, especially the organ connected with spiritual insight. The
      contravention of this rule would render all the efforts of both teacher
      and pupil ineffective. The only exception to this rule is when the
      taking of alcohol is prescribed by a doctor.

      7. Abstention from the eating of meat is not compulsory, but it is
      pointed out that a vegetarian diet will help in the struggle against
      one's lower nature. Changes of diet must be undertaken with the greatest

      Now notice how these rules, 1905, (June 5), become very unrule-like:

      "6. The partaking of alcohol is incompatible with the aims of

      7. The abstention from eating meat is not statutory but is recommended,
      because it works beneficially toward furthering the aims of the Esoteric

      The full list of rules is in "From the History and Contents of the
      Esoteric Section."

      On another occasion RS stated that alcohol was to be avoided even in

      Milk was recommended as a transition food for those giving up meat.

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