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  • Stephen Hale
    Jun 4, 2008
      --- In anthroposophy@yahoogroups.com, "carol" <organicethics@...>
      > ``Derision goes with the territory, and so it goes. Degrade,
      > chide, name-call, this is what constitutes immaturity. Rather,
      > regeneration should be our constant effort. ``
      > Somehow, I find it hard to believe that I`m reading from the same
      > the one who tends to use psycho analysis, sly trickery, insult,
      > unfounded accusation (against his opponent?) when his perspective
      > challenged.
      > What could possibly have happened since yesturday, did another
      source of
      > another `etheric` light event come down on you throughout the day,
      > Steve? Could it have been the effect of witnessing members of
      > list themselves re-raising spirit? (The ones for whom just last
      > you were content to have victoriously brought down to size).
      > Please don`t misunderstand me in all this, I`m actuallyrelieved
      > your change of heart- or is it course- footing- train of thought-
      > perspective-soul approach-angelic rapport-----
      > However, how firmly implanted is the `content`of your above
      > Will it fall like a tower made of cards would, at the slightest
      > occasion of discomfort? In other words, just how consistenty do
      > maintain this expressed sentiment of yours, today?
      > These could viable questions of which you, Steve could seriously
      > consider- considering your history of social intercourse. It may
      > selfish on my part, but I much more favour dialogue with
      > `mature` individuals. carol.

      I don't know what you're talking about. It seems much more
      complicated and abstract than what I meant to say. Very political
      in fact, which I hate. Did I tell you that I hate politics?

      Etheric regeneration is a subject which I have pondered and written
      about, and certainly predates your present interest. As such, tell
      me about what you think you understand about it.

      And please, leave out the abstractions and the superfluous judgments
      if possible. This will be a disciplinary exercise, only known
      afterward for its beneficial effect. So, tell me about it in you
      own words.

      This is a timed test.

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