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1643Re: [anthroposophy] Soul Calendar

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  • eurythmy
    Apr 17, 2001
      Dear Starman,
      Thanks for your remark about stage lighting.

      Is anyone interested on description of the Eurythmy forms? I do not know how
      to pass on a coulour version of them without using a Mbite, so here it
      comes, for the silent part, before and after the text, prologue and

      Choreography: week 01
      The stage is like a human being. It has the polarity back and front of
      stage. More thinking like a head in the back, more actions in the front like
      the limbs, in between a median sphere. Many theatres accentuate this by a
      racked floor. On the left of the audience is stage right [SR] on the other
      side stage left [SL].


      Starting place: The four are at the back of the stage, group by the axis.
      Blue [SL] Green [SC] and Red [SR] are in a line going slightly forward from
      red to blue. The Lila is behind the green; it is the furthest back.

      Basic movement: Blue and Red start by a meander widening of the form in two
      symmetrical semi circle; so they join in middle-front stage. Meanwhile Green
      and Lila go forward in a pendulum movement following semi circles directed
      towards the back, they end slightly behind Blue and Red. Lila behind Red
      that is foremost and Green crosses over to the right.

      Detail Movement: Blue widens at first in going back {with Green}, then with
      Red it goes inwards in a first meander in the direction of the finishing
      place. Immediately they both go a little way back and outwards before the
      second half of this first part. At the same time, Lila and Green start. Lila
      goes straight towards the finishing place, while Green accompanies Blue
      towards the back, crosses over to the right and stats its first pendulum
      (3/4 of a circle) towards the Red {which will start its first Meander
      towards the finishing place}. As the Green crosses towards the Red, Lila
      goes back towards the blue and starts its pendulum forward, (quite a small
      circle compared to the larger Green), and crosses over towards Green. They
      now together swing to the left then to the right towards their finishing
      places. Green is always in a wider movement, Lila always nearer the centre
      of the stage.

      Remark: The choreography indicates the breathing of the texts expending and
      contracting:: world's wide realmsThe sun / joy / light / far spread spaces /
      Spirit Life || the human mind / depths of soul / selfhood's sheath / dimly
      bind / human's being.

      Epilogue:as the prologue.
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