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16410Re: Was 1933 in some way significant?

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  • jmn36210
    Jun 1, 2008
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      J-M wrote: 
      "On Hiroshima, the Antichrist shone forth in all His glory."
      Sorry, sweet Anthros --- the eminent guy is definitely *not* alluding to
      the Mystery of Golgotha.
      They are the *immortal words* of Harry Truman on August 6, 1945.
      [He was aboard the 'Augusta', coming back from Potsdam.]
      In his private diary, he declared: "The target will be purely military ..."
      Well, nearly 300,000 civilians lived in the purely military target of
      Hiroshima --- i.e. before "the greatest thing in history" happened!
      Weren't the immortal words of the President of the USA --- a pure
      inspiration of the spirit of the Anti-Christ?

      --- In anthroposophy@yahoogroups.com, "jmn36210" <jmnguyen@...> wrote:
      > Bradford wrote: "Trinity New Mexico, the Trinity of Crosses on
      > Golgotha and how the raying out circumference of Light rayed out from
      > Golgotha and how the poison and Ahrimanic Light rays out from a
      > radioactive HOT SPOT..."
      > ------------------------------------------------------------------------\
      > ----- The Light radiated out from Golgotha and the [Black] Light
      > radiated out from New Mexico or Japan really are *polar opposites*
      > indeed. On Golgotha, the Light was put to death [the sky darkened as
      > it does during a *solar* eclipse...] but resurrected --- as a source of
      > eternal life. On Hiroshima, the [Black] Light was born out of a Mary
      > [the Unholy Ghost came upon and overshadowed the Consciousness Soul] ---
      > as a *blinding* source of destruction and death. On Golgotha, a new
      > Sun was born - illuminating the future of Man. On Hiroshima, the
      > Antichrist shone forth in all His glory. Who is He? Who is the archenemy
      > of the Christ? Who incarnates the blinding source of destruction and
      > death? Well, selfishness, egoism --- will disintegrate human nuclei
      > and human substance through chain reaction... Isn't the coming *War of
      > all against all* a mushroom cloud on the future horizon of Mankind? By
      > the way, Bradford, the detonation of the [uranium] bomb dropped on
      > Hiroshima did not involve a complex implosive device --- but in his
      > mother's belly, *Little Boy* was the *Thirteenth* surrounded by, so to
      > speak, a human dodecahedron! Jean-Marc
      > ====================================================
      > --- In anthroposophy@yahoogroups.com, "holderlin66" holderlin66@
      > wrote:
      > >
      > >
      > > "Boggs her self had touched into the beauty and mystery of a kind of
      > > geometry and wave physics, but the secret that she touched is also
      > part
      > > of the Twelve gated New Jerusalem and the Twelve Disciples invigorated
      > > and impulsed by the Christ Logos Being. Boggs and Steiner and St. John
      > > shared a potent inspired beauty of what kind of wave physics or
      > > spiritual forces lay at the base of the human brain. While most people
      > > babble over and struggle with chemicals and IF, and IF there is life
      > > after death... If the brain dies and that is the end of our brief
      > > candle, that is the end of our brief life... Von Neumann was
      > terrified,
      > > screamingly terrified that it was all just a brilliant locked chamber
      > of
      > > mirrors that his instrument of thinking loved, he loved his brain and
      > > what his brain could think in complex riddles but very few of those
      > ever
      > > ventured into the model of just what are the spiritual forces that
      > > potently lay at the foundation of both heart and mind.
      > >
      > > "Yet for Anthros, not this group of Anthros, but for most Anthros they
      > > have no understanding or inclination or interest to grasp how our
      > > Foundation STone out of Anthroposophy and the Foundation Stone for the
      > > nuclear bomb, the Ahrimanic Foundation Stone, arose out of how to use
      > > the etheric brain or how to destroy all etheric forces.. If we rise
      > > into the mighty region of the super projection of the vast Etheric
      > > Brain, we experience the Being of Love and Light, the Christ,
      > operating
      > > in a Logos world that even contains the Constellations. Not only the
      > > starry field of Constellations but the smaller model that Christ
      > > maintained in the Twelve Individualized Disciples themselves. The
      > depth
      > > of the discussion brings us to the birth of an Anti-Sun and an
      > > Anti-Etheric model of premature light that is mechanized and freed or
      > > liberated from matter but without a shred of ethical
      > > individualism...save where to use such weapons and on whom. "
      > >
      > > Bradford comments;
      > >
      > > Yes, so we would think that the discovery of the correlation between
      > The
      > > Anthroposophical Foundation Stone of Michael, Anthroposophy and the
      > POF,
      > > the interesting thought and wave dynamic training of thinking that
      > jump
      > > starts our thinking in The Philosophy of Freedom, as intimate thought
      > > and wave dynamics and the opposite end of the spectrum, the Core
      > > implosion lens of The Ahrimanic Foundation Stone of the nuclear age,
      > > would shake up some of the Michael School. You would think! "The state
      > > or relation of being correlated
      > > <http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/correlated> ; specifically
      > :
      > > a relation existing between phenomena or things or between
      > mathematical
      > > or statistical variables which tend to vary, be associated, or occur
      > > together in a way not expected on the basis of chance alone", that
      > such
      > > an unexpected correlation would stir the Michael School.
      > >
      > > Technically speaking, and I say technically, because the imaginations
      > > that apply to the New Jerusalem of St. John as an overlay...and how
      > > Rudolf Steiner tackles the Twelve Cranial Nerve system at the
      > foundation
      > > of the Brain and The Christ Logos as the One point operating within a
      > > billowing dynamic force of Twelve disciples, using dormant capacities
      > in
      > > them as his windows and sense instruments, using the twelve fold sense
      > > system and dormant capacities latent in the disciples, Christ acted as
      > > an Active Sun Being within Physical Space and Time for a mere three
      > > years, all these events are correlated. The above described
      > correlations
      > > have to do with St. John, Steiner and Boggs and the very light and
      > wave
      > > theory of interior directed light. They also have to do with the
      > > specific implosion of Light that St. Paul experienced. All of the
      > above
      > > are in linked relationship to something else.
      > >
      > > On the other hand in order to build The Ahrimanic Foundation Stone, to
      > > counter act the rise of the Etheric Christ Being and to bring a
      > balance
      > > to the balance sheet, wave and light dynamics and the thinking core of
      > > the New Jerusalem system of the interior of the human higher starry
      > > astral body of the twelve gates, science was tasked to emancipate the
      > > core forces of how light is used in thinking.... See an Imagination or
      > a
      > > model of something that is truly interesting and attractive, is a
      > > technical question for science of imitating. Most of our inventions,
      > > computer systems and hi-tech systems are imitations of operative
      > > imaginations in how MAN contains as an instrument, physical, etheric,
      > > astral and i am systems in a micro system that is a magnificent
      > > Imagination of the super system of the stars. We have gone over this
      > > before.
      > >
      > > But understanding how techno i-tard generation toys imitate super
      > > processes and super imaginations in the human body-soul-spirit
      > structure
      > > finds us in the emancipated and liberated forces of how human beings
      > > potently intuit and think and implode percepts and discover concepts
      > by
      > > the implosion lens inside our heads, allowed the Manhattan project to
      > > bring about and manifest into external reality a technical force
      > modeled
      > > from the mighty Imaginations of St. John and our own Foundation Stone
      > -
      > > An Ahrmanic Foundation Stone to represent the Ahrimanic Age.
      > >
      > > Trinity New Mexico, the Trinity of Crosses on Golgotha and how the
      > > raying out circumference of Light rayed out from Golgotha and how the
      > > poison and Ahrimanic Light rays out from a radioactive HOT SPOT... or
      > > invisibly in Depleted Uranium dust used in Iraq and having caused
      > > thousands and thousands of deaths and genetic deformities in U.S.
      > > military as well as Iraqi citizens... From the central core something
      > > rays out to the circumference. So from Golgotha and St. John we have a
      > > radiating, healing and uplifting force that encompasses and absorbs
      > all
      > > of Spiritual Science as well. This is part of the symbol of Spiritual
      > > Science and Anthroposophy as The Foundation Stone.
      > >
      > >
      > >
      > > On the other hand there arose in 1945, as quickly as Ahriman could
      > > crystallize the intent, Ahriman required in the same way that
      > > Anthroposophy called out to The Foundation Stone, Ahriman sought it's
      > > own emancipated and dried out husk of the super immortal powers
      > > contained in humans, but without the human attached. The Ahrimanic
      > > forces also made and created their own Foundation Stone and the two
      > > events and the two impulses between Anthroposophy and our Foundation
      > > Stone and Ahriman's nuclear foundation stone are correlated. You would
      > > think such mechanics and technical insights and all that pertains to
      > the
      > > rich forces of thinking, intuition and wave dynamics that occurs in
      > the
      > > human soul and human physics instrument, and the spiritual models and
      > > Imaginations out of which we were formed would have struck Anthros,
      > > Unger, the Vorstand, Sergei Prokofiev as extreme validation and
      > extreme
      > > dynamic and cultural relations and extreme but intense polarities that
      > > highlight the core of Spiritual Science, as that which as an
      > > Imagination, stands full opposite to the Ahrimanic Foundation Stone.
      > In
      > > Anthroposophy, St. John, Rudolf Steiner, the exact opposite of the
      > > Ahrimanic foundation stone stands in full relation to the
      > > Anthroposophical Foundation Stone. And the reasons and the whys and
      > the
      > > wherefores for such a potent correlation reveals sizzling and potent
      > > insights that illuminate things down to the core of Man as an
      > > Imagination of the gods Himself.
      > >
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