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164FWD Christian Socialism

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    Aug 24, 1999
      Hi Bobby,
      >I see nothing communistic or socialistic per se in the quotes above,
      >a lot of similarity to the kind of world humanity can build on the
      >and technology of Andrew J. Galambos.

      Again, I personally don't have any political axe to grind.

      My point, still unchallenged, is that RS repeatably told us that the
      coming race was one of Christian Brotherhood:
      "But from a small colony in the East [in foot note: The Slavonic
      peoples] there will be developed, as though from a seed, new life for
      the future. The economic needs of existence will then be separated from
      work: there will be no more personal possession, everything will be
      owned in common. One will no longer work for one's personal existence,
      but will do everything as absolute offering for humanity."
      Rudolf Steiner, Foundations of Esotericism, lecture 8, Rudolf Steiner
      Press, London, 1983, p. 232.

      Read this in context with the rest of the lecture and I gurantee no
      reasonable person can disagree that it is RSs teaching on the matter.
      Notetakers may get a word wrong here or there wrong, but not whole the
      concept of a paragraph or lecture. Christian Socialism is the keynote of
      the Sixth Epoch- all the quotes point to it, anything else "river in
      Egypt" stuff.

      What is your take on what RS meant by "free work"? We don't have to wait
      until the 6th Race, Karl Koenig and others, built their communities on
      it. There are many brilliant minds in Camphill who could be raking it in
      the private sector. But they don't, they've had an intuition of our
      future - a brighter day.

      Which brings up the question of competition - notice how this is avoided
      in Waldorf Schools?
      There is also the question about the morality of competitive sports.

      The problem we have in understanding each other is the confusion of
      Ahrimanic Socialism with Christian Socialism as outlined by Rudolf:
      "An impulse in life can be harmful by itself, but can be beneficial in
      co-operation with other impulses..."
      A diagram is drawn of three converging streams Ahr. socialism, Luciferic
      freedom of thought, Mankind's Representative [Christ] Spiritual Science.
      "One direction is to symbolise for us the socialism to which modern
      mankind is striving - not just current Lenin socialism. The second line
      is to symbolise what I have often characterised as to you as freedom of
      thought, and the third direction is Spiritual Science. THESE THREE

      "If socialism, in the crude materialistic form in which it appears
      today, attempts to force itself upon mnkind, it will bring the greatest
      unhappiness upon humanity. It is symbolised by Ahriman...."
      "If the false freedom of thought, which wants to stop short at every
      thought and make it valid, seeks to force itself, then harm is again
      brought to mankind. This is symbolised in our Group by Lucifer. But you
      cannot exclude neither Lucifer or Ahriman from the present day, they
      must be balanced through Pneumatology, through Spiritual Science, which
      is represented by the Representative of Mankind...."

      Ancient Myths their Meaning & Connection with Evolution, Lect 5, 11th
      Jan 1918.

      I don't have anything more to say about the 6th Epoch now; others may
      have their turn - Apocalypse lectures maybe.

      Mammon and his activities are for the next time I get on my soap box.

      In light-hearted freedom,