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1636Re: [anthroposophy] A question of sources

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  • jeff auen
    Apr 16, 2001
      Yes. Indeed. I only wish someone would edit the most relevant passages and create a new single volume work. 1600 pages is a bit much to handle for most.
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      From: jeff auen
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      I must add something else. On  the reminder of Steven Cosgrove, I finally went to Vol.4 of Catherine Emmerich's 4 volume set on the Life of Jesus Christ as revealed to her in constant visions throughout her life. This last volume is a absolute must for anyone who thinks or feels they knows the last days of Jesus life on earth, His battles and passion and suffering and work after the resurrection. It is a very hard read but paints a detailed picture of Jesus unlike anything we have available, even in AP. In some regards, this is the Fifth Gospel or rather a necessary adjacent to Steiner's "Fifth Gospel". She even presents the first detailed description of His appearance and physical attributes. Its a very provocative source.   Though Steiner may be more "objective" and cosmic, in  sense, hers is far more intimate and human.
      Jeff Auen
      K@ I am glad to hear, that the books of Anna Katharina Emmerich are translated in English! They are in an imaginative way together with Steiners 5th gospel (more inspirativ and intuitiv) an sort of eyewithnesses of the fact of the existance and the deeds and the importance of the real living Christ.
      greetings kees

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