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16200Re: Rudi the Nighthawk

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  • Stephen Hale
    May 3, 2008
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      --- In anthroposophy@yahoogroups.com, "tmasthenes13" <TomBuoyed@...>
      > Hi Carol,
      > Let me reinforce what Bradford said from a different angle:
      > I am abysmally dead serious about my Tomfoolery. That's why I do it.
      > That's how I do it. That is my destiny.
      > For further details, contemplate Rocky the L-M-N-tal Spirit of Cosmic
      > Humor in the Great Sculpture Group and why Rocky is above and beyond
      > the fray with Lucifer and Ahriman.
      > HINT: Rocky is as far beyond Lucifer and Ahriman as Freddie Nietzsche
      > was beyond Good AND Evil.
      > For further details, contemplate why Judith von Halle has such a deep
      > and abiding connection with Edith Maryon, without whose guidance,
      > expertise and artistry Rudolf Steiner would still be picking wooden
      > splinters out of his fingers and having Ita Wegmann setting some
      > broken thumb bones.
      > Tom

      Maybe, someday, people will make this connection between Judith and
      Edith. We need a concrete example of the Saturn Oracle. Rudi more than
      implied that the folks most close to his movement would be reincarnating
      before the close of the 20th century; including himself. If one can
      handle the idea that we are all traveling now on a reverse loop, which
      juxtaposes the past into the present, and further imposes the Saturn
      Oracle of the CC of 1923 into the mix, it makes for some pretty
      interesting parallels.

      Lazarus rested in Abraham's bosom for four days until the Christ came.
      It is all told in the Gospel of Luke, chapter 16. So, for those
      designated for quick reincarnation according to the Saturn Oracle of
      Rudolf Steiner, what does it mean? Do we rest in Abraham's bosom until
      we return, or does Michael now take on this task? Moses used to hold
      the Book of Transgressions while Lucifer was still Lord of Karma; then
      the Christ came as the new Lord of Karma, and took this book over. In
      the same sense, I can see initiates resting in Michael's bosom until it
      is time for their return to earth life.

      I see Judith von Halle as one of these. And it would only serve our
      purpose if it was proclaimed as such by those who should most be
      interested in furthering the cause of such a thing as a Saturn Oracle as
      Rudolf Steiner's final act. Why does this get no attention unless I
      bring it up? People know who they are, and why they came this way,
      including Judith of Halle. She knows the score.

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