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16198Re: Rudi the Nighthawk

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  • Stephen Hale
    May 3, 2008
      --- In anthroposophy@yahoogroups.com, "tmasthenes13" <TomBuoyed@...>
      > Hi Steve,
      > Enlighten up! Check out the new version of Hopper's Diner done by
      > German Steiner Blogosphere folks at "Terra Canaillo" This time,
      > I'm in the diner.
      > http://canaillo.blogspot.com/
      > I'm wearing the sweatshirt that says "Murat Tchundyk is My New
      > because I declared my allegiance to Murat this morning on the
      > Uribistani Daily Blog.
      > (Murat is the Borat of Anthroposophy! Murat is the bearded figure
      > the far right in Hopper's new improved painting.)
      > http://uribi.blogspot.com/
      > It's clear the best aura is possessed by Rudolf Steiner, even
      > there's a naked lady on a table now.
      > Also, check out my new corner on Michael Eggert's Egoisten Blog
      > http://www.egoisten.de/
      > Caption may be: "Anthroposophy Goes Hollywood with Tom!"
      > Tom

      I like the contrast between Hopper's dark and lonely self-isolation
      between people as an experience in the direct aftermath of Pearl
      Harbor, and its garish upgrade in our post-modern times. To have
      placed Steiner in the original would have been a glorious stroke of
      insight; the work of an artistic genius. Steiner's illuminating
      aura would have the power to throw back the gloomy isolation and
      bring forth thoughts of the reappearance of the Christ. These
      people, of course, have no idea that this reality was there, in
      their midst, at this very time, c.1942. All they can ponder is the
      evil of the event as an act of war. So, I pictured Steiner
      spiritually there, between them, shining his light. He was there.
      Hopper just didn't paint him into the picture.

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