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16190Re: Rudi the Nighthawk

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  • tmasthenes13
    May 1, 2008
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      --- In anthroposophy@yahoogroups.com, "carol" <organicethics@...> wrote:
      > Tom: "Hi Steve, Enlighten up!
      > ....Also, check out my new corner on Michael Eggert's Egoisten Blog
      > http://www.egoisten.de/
      > Caption may be: "Anthroposophy Goes Hollywood with Tom!"
      > ------------------
      > Oh my Tom, you seem to like to play around!! (?)
      > In reflecting on this example of your 'life's work', I must say that I
      > can't seem to grasp with any kind of certainty - how very much
      > 'Anthroposophy' (as a soul moving, and content forming human/spiritual
      > force) would survive 'packaged' within a Craker Jack, comic strip
      > format .
      > Seems to me that more than anything, this format succeeds in DRAGING
      > Anthroposophy 'into the bedroom'. Don't know how much 'living force' is
      > left, in the aftermath- I guess it depends on the individual, 'oui,
      > non?'.c.
      > ------------------------
      > (supporting note taken from B Riley: "We are, whether we like it or not,
      > Michael students and the effects of Michael and Ahriman battles rage
      > round us and examples to the dumb and foolish are everywhere if we learn
      > to uphold the thin line that Steiner always painted between tragedy,
      > comedy and the Christ Event humanity are called to follow.")

      Hi Carol,

      Let me reinforce what Bradford said from a different angle:

      I am abysmally dead serious about my Tomfoolery. That's why I do it.
      That's how I do it. That is my destiny.

      For further details, contemplate Rocky the L-M-N-tal Spirit of Cosmic
      Humor in the Great Sculpture Group and why Rocky is above and beyond
      the fray with Lucifer and Ahriman.

      HINT: Rocky is as far beyond Lucifer and Ahriman as Freddie Nietzsche
      was beyond Good AND Evil.

      For further details, contemplate why Judith von Halle has such a deep
      and abiding connection with Edith Maryon, without whose guidance,
      expertise and artistry Rudolf Steiner would still be picking wooden
      splinters out of his fingers and having Ita Wegmann setting some
      broken thumb bones.

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