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1610SouthernCross Review Nr. 10

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  • Jo Ann Schwartz
    Mar 7, 2001
      For those who may not yet have seen the announcement...



      Dear friends and subscribers,

      SouthernCross Review Nr. 10 (March-April) is now available at
      http://www.SouthernCrossReview.org Under "Science", you'll find another
      article by Don Cruse: "Isaac Newton and Harry Potter" (Who?) "Education"
      presents an essay by Steve Talbott about the Camphill movement for special

      There is also short fiction by Mark Cohen (whose new book "The Fractals
      Murders" is also available for purchase in the E-book Library); Gaither
      Stewart (also one of our e-book authors); Dan Olivas, one of our first
      authors, now back to stay we hope; Bobbi McCutcheon, another returnee;
      Norman Lock, this time imitating Sherlock Holms; Cari L'Image, a new
      author; Arndt Britschgi, also new for us. Even (surprise!) a story by
      yours truly.

      "Galileo's Daughter" by Dava Sobel is reviewed by Bobby Matherne.

      A strangely brilliant poem by anah childes will shock some and tease

      "Letters" includes a letter from Naom Chomsky to Don Cruse and another
      describing southern Argentina by Jane Wiebe, who hails from Alaska.

      "And Back Issues" is overflowing with interesting stuff.

      So enjoy! And seeya in a couple of months.

      Frank Thomas Smith

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