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  • carol
    Apr 12, 2008

      Guidelines Intermezzo - IX

      Michael's Experiences during the Fulfillment of his Cosmic Mission


      RS: "Michael foresees how man, in that he uses his own intelligence ever more, must encounter the Ahrimanic beings and how he can thus succumb to them. Therefore Michael places the Ahrimanic powers under his feet, he continuously forces them into a deeper region than the one in which man is evolving. Michael, the dragon under his feet, forcing him into the abyss: that is the mighty image of this supersensible fact that lives in human consciousness.

      Evolution advances. Intellectuality, which at first was completely in the divine-spiritual domain, is so detached from it that it becomes the ensoulment of the cosmos. What previously radiated only from the gods now blazes forth from the stars as divine revelation. Previously the world was guided through divine being itself, now it is guided through objective divine revelation, behind which divine being continues on the path of its own evolution....

      ...Michael cannot force man to do anything. Force has ended due to the fact that intelligence has completely entered the domain of human individuality. But as a majestic exemplary deed in the supersensible world, initially at the frontier of the visible world, Michael can unfold what he wishes. With a light-aura, with a spiritual gesture, Michael can show himself there, in whom all the brilliance and grandeur of the past divine intelligence is manifest.

      He can make visible how the effect of that past intelligence is truer, more beautiful and virtuous that the present intelligence, which streams in from Ahriman in deceptive, seductive brilliance. He can show that - for him – Ahriman will always be the inferior spirit under his feet...."


      And so it is that human intelligence has the freedom to select from many folk souls thriving on this earth in order to express itself, regardless if Michaelmic or Ahrimanic thought forces are the preferred.

      In the following instance, the French singer songwriter Francis Cabrel shows how vituous thought forms constitute NO problem, no CRIME, no ILLUSION, no form of mental illness etc in our fast paced Ahrimanized world system. This man chose, inspite of glamour and fame readily offered to him, the simple life, simple values. Not only is he a modern day poet, he can be seen following Michael- and many of those who LISTEN to the sense of what Cabrel communicates within his songs should be identified as wanting to follow to simple path associated with Michael.

      Francis Cabrel Presque Rien (Almost nothing)


      Et voilà tout ce que je sais faire

      And here is all that I know I can do
      Du vent dans des coffres en bambou (I can offer) winds in a bamboo chest
      Des pans de ciel pour mettre à tes paupières Sections of the sky to place at your eyebrows
      Et d'autres pour pendre à ton cou and others to hang around your kneck

      C'est rien que du ciel ordinaire This would be nothing more than ordinary sky
      Du bleu comme on en voit partout the kind of blue one finds everywhere
      Mais j'y ai mis tout mon savoir-faire But (in this instance) I will have used every bit of my know-how
      Et toute notre histoire en-dessous and then slipped OUR story beneath it all.

      [Refrain] :
      Tu vois, c'est presque rien
      You see, it's practically nothing
      C'est tellement peu It's so very little
      C'est comme du verre, c'est à peine mieux It's in the likeness of clear glass, but just a little better,
      Tu vois c'est presque rien... You see, it's really almost nothing,
      C'est comme un rêve, comme un jeu It's like a dream, like a game,
      Des pensées prises dans des perles d'eau claire (they are) thoughts formed in clear drops of water

      Je t'envoie des journées entières I send you FULL days,
      Des chats posés sur les genoux Cats placed on your lap,
      Des murs couverts de fleurs que tu préfères Walls completely covered with your favorite flowers,
      Et de la lumière surtout And most especially, Light.

      Rien que des musiques légères (As well) only light music,
      Une source entre deux cailloux A stream caught between a couple of pebbles,
      Du linge blanc sur tes années de guerre White clothe to conceal your many years of trials,
      C'est tout ce que je sais faire c'est tout... This would be all I that I know to do, it really is all.


      Doo doo doo doo doo...

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